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Blockchain Layer All about the usage of blockchain technology in the Threefold stack: rivine, stellar, bcdb, … Tutorials and examples Official and community-contributed tutorials and sample apps that teach you how the Threefold technology works. Support Please choose the right category when asking for support, we will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. Concepts and Architecture Discussion room on the general concepts of the Threefold technology. 3SDK/3BOT Installation Please follow instructions from: Libraries Discuss zome and UI libraries built by community members and the Threefold developers team. Find allies, get involved with a project, and fill in the gaps in the ecosystem. Best Practices This is an area for everyone to share best practices and/or best approaches in Threefold development, core contributions, documentation, and educational resources. Provisioning of IT workload 3SDK/3BOT Usage TFGrid Components Discussion around TFGrid core components. Zero-OS All technical discussions about Zero-OS technology. IT Workload deployment Discussion on anything around how to deploy a workload: containers, flist, ‘Smart contract for IT’, … Jumpscale Place to discuss the Jumpscale automation framework. TF Connect TF Connect app (ex. 3Bot Connect app) currently is your authentication for services and experiences of TF Grid, it is also your digital wallet to store TFTs. 3Bot backend Discussion around the back-end technology around 3bot Technical FAQ Here we are gathering most frequently asked questions (and answers) around TF Technology. If you can’t find an answer don’t hesitate to ask by joining/adding a topic with your question! Someone else might be puzzled as well or know the answer for you. We encourage you to help each other wherever you can. Sharing Knowledge Contribute your knowledge to the community. Share howtos, tutorials, and other resources. Contribute to the FAQs and the official developer documentation. Project Comparisons Whether you’re new to ThreeFold or have been around for a while, the decentralization and blockchain space can often be quite elusive and opaque with regards to what certain projects have to offer. Therefore, we decided to shed some light on the space and to show you how our solutions compare to those of fellow projects. Feel free to share your experiences!
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