3.11 updates (July 27)

Hello! We are still in the middle of testing our latest features including its main highlight the GPU support - Check the last week updates July 20-

At the moment we are updating our stack on devnet, qanet with the latest features of 3.11, during that we also added few things that we would like to share with you :slight_smile:

Supporting certified, dedicated, gpu options for capacity planning

Allowing you to add dedicated, gpu, supported, or certified nodes to your search criteria

Notifications about Contracts in Grace period

So you won’t accidentally lose access to your workloads or even worse losing them for good, we added notifications in the playground about contracts getting into the graceperiod

Minting receipts in the dashboard

You can now view all the receipts in the PDF not just the first eight, and added extra info for the receipts in the PDF

Dashboard and Login

We migrated to use a local wallet in the dashboard to have similar experience of the same flow of the playground. You can see some screenshots and screencasts about the feature here

Custom Domains

One of the things we believe it will improve the user experience is supporting custom domains for the users

And after deployment you will be seeing a message reminding you to create the name record

Expand Search capabilities for dedicated nodes

We expanded the dedicated nodes page with search feature


  • CPU
  • memory
  • SSD disk
  • HDD disk
  • GPU’s vendor name
  • GPU’s vendor id
  • GPU’s device name
  • GPU’s device id

Added packages to the VMs solutions

and yet, you can still override it using the custom option

Hub Docker conversion issue

We noticed there was an issue affecting newly created flists through the hub. However it got resolved pretty quickly

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Amazing guys! You surely aren’t wasting time working on the grid.

Thanks for all the hard work and new features.


Thanks @Mik for lending us your powers as well!!


Development is happening so fast on the playground. A few usability bugs to squash, spread the word, then hold on tight.


Wow, some great features guys!



The team has been testing these features on QAnet and has reached the last stage of QA. We predict to have Grid 3.11 live on testnet before the end of this week.

If the community agrees with the testnet version, TF Grid 3.11 will go live on mainnet around mid August.

Kind regards,
Sabrina on behalf of the ThreeFold Team


That is an amazing news. Great work.