3.11 development update (Jul 20)

We are working very hard to get 3.11 ready for testing It’s mainly about the GPU support GPU support updates , but also there’re things that we are still working out

  • We had to build an extra service (it’s integrated in the gridproxy) to index GPU nodes and their details so we don’t need to store that on chain
  • Migrating to a local wallet instead of the polkadot extension for the dashboard to be unified with the playground as a step towards migrating to threefold’s own browser extension
  • We are enabling the users to specify their own custom domains combined with gateways FQDN feature so our users will be able to have nice domains
  • We reworked out some of the issues around dedicated and certified nodes usage in the playground
  • Enabling cloud console
  • More improvements happening on tfchain https://github.com/threefoldtech/home/issues/1433

There’s still a huge effort happening on the documentation side

Thank you!