Category Topics

ThreeFold Vision

This category is for discussing how we can create an equal, harmonious and conscious world while leveraging ThreeFold’s respective layers of technology (capacity, autonomous and experience).

Threefold Token / Listing Event

All about the Threefold Token (TFT), the design, exchanges used, …
Please do not use this forum for trying to buy/sell tokens.

Farmer Discussion

Any discussion about farming and all it has to do with it : setting up nodes, hardware, certified vs. uncertified capacity, …


This category is a place for us to share information and knowledge and most of all to work together on solutions. We believe in the power of community, in our diverse range of skillsets and experiences, and that we are stronger together.

Technical Discussion

A place for technical discussion around the Threefold core technology: the basics, the architecture and core components.

Projects and Partners

Here is a list of key projects building with Threefold technology. Learn more about projects, join discussions and collaborate with teams.

ThreeFold Experience

This category will be discussing and brainstorming ideas revolving around ThreeFold’s Experience layer of technology.

Threefold Events

This is a place to find upcoming events, discuss the facilitation of Threefold gatherings and share resources with other organizers. Please post details of your upcoming events and share news from your local Threefold community.

Get Started

Here you can post messages if you’re new to Threefold, please post messages when you seek general or introductory advice.


Discussion about any of our websites, chat channels, wiki sites and our organisation, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Learning Library

Contribute your knowledge to the community. Share howtos, tutorials, and other resources. Contribute to the FAQs and the official developer documentation.