ThreeFold Token (TFT)

Questions Here we are gathering most frequently asked questions (and answers) around ThreeFold Token (TFT). If you can’t find an answer don’t hesitate to ask by joining/adding a topic with your question! Someone else might be puzzled as well or know the answer for you. We encourage you to help each other wherever you can. Secondary TFT Market The idea is that everyone can use this section to let others know if they want to buy TFT or have TFT to sell. We realise it is difficult right now to buy TFT from centralised exchanges like liquid, there is not enough liquidity yet, maybe this forum can help with that. Token News How to buy TFT A place for any discussions and questions around how to get TFT using different channels and how to trade TFT on different exchanges. All trading and exchange related questions should be discussed here.
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