Can you send TFT from polkadot account back to Threefold Connect App? [RESOLVED]

Hi Guys

How can i send my TFT from my polkadot account on back to my ThreeFold Connect App ?

The only option i can see at the moment is sending from one polkadot to another polkadot account inside my polkadot wallet on dashboard.Grid.Tf.

Any options?

Try with a small amount first

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Thanks Mik!
I will try to make a small transfer later today :slight_smile:

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It worked - but maybe there are a bug connected to the bridge.

After the transfer from my polkadot account to my ThreeFold Connect App i had trouble finding nodes in and ended up sending my TFT to another polkadot account.

Maybe it was a coincidence :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know it worked.

To be clear, to deploy on a VM with the TF playground, this happens on TFChain (polkadot). It does not happen on Stellar Chain.

Note that there is both TFChain main net and TFChain test net.

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More info on the different chains with TFT and the bridges:


To summerize my experience :slight_smile:

  1. I transfer around 100 TFT to my Polkadot account from my ThreeFold Connect App.
  2. Found a node and deployed a VM. And later on deleted the contract. Everything is fine:-)
  3. I use the Bridge option on the website dashboard.Grid.Tf - i enter my Stella address from my ThreeFold Connect App and send 4 TFT.
  4. The TFT gets to my ThreeFold Connect App. Everything is fine:-)
  5. I go to and use my polkadot account again (TFChain) as my profiler manager.
  6. I search for nodes to deploy to, but the nodes are now offline. Everything is not fine:-(
  7. To fix this temperary i send my 94 TFT to another polkadot account using the transfer option on the website
  8. The other polkadot account works fine on the web page and I can find nodes and deploy. Everything is fine:-)

So maybe there are some kind of bug or setting that is affected on my polkadot account when using the bridge that limit my account to find online nodes to deploy on.

Any way i can create a new polkadot account if i need to use the bridge again or maybe it was one off experience:-)

Thanks for the feedback. Highly appreciated.

I think the problem might have been with the playground itself, and not the account per se. I think there were some changes being applied to the playground at that moment. Other farmers/users also shared some feedback regarding similar behaviour. Good to know it works now.

You can also explore the Playground V2:

With this playground, the grid chooses an appropriate node for your deployment.

Thanks @faldt

Don’t hesitate if anything else come up during your exploration of the TFGrid. It’s always a pleasure to chat and help.