ThreeFold Concept & Values

Decentralization This decentralization category is a sub-category to ThreeFold’s Vision - with emphasis on our collective vision of truly decentralized or peer-2-peer systems and how they would be both more efficient and liberating as a new way of digital interaction ThreeFold Experience This category will be discussing and brainstorming ideas revolving around ThreeFold’s Experience layer of technology. Get Started Here you can post messages if you’re new to Threefold, please post messages when you seek general or introductory advice. Education This education category is a sub-category to ThreeFold’s Vision - with emphasis on our collective vision of using our technology to provide the world and especially the younger generation with accessible internet and a complementary education. A peer2peer internet paves the way for peer2peer education that can support our current institutionalized global system and fill in the gaps that our current system lacks. ThreeFold Vision This category is for discussing how we can create an equal, harmonious and conscious world while leveraging ThreeFold’s respective layers of technology (capacity, autonomous and experience). Open Discussions & Feedback Discussion about any of our websites, chat channels, wiki sites and our organisation, how it works, and how we can improve it. ThreeFold FAQ Here we are gathering most frequently asked questions (and answers) around ThreeFold in general. If you can’t find an answer don’t hesitate to ask by joining/adding a topic with your question! Someone else might be puzzled as well or know the answer for you. We encourage you to help each other wherever you can.
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