Peertube installation in a few clicks

We have distributed peer tube, it works smoothly, SSL has been installed, there is no upload problem. There is an embed feature in the videos, so anyone who wants can take the embed code and add it to other websites. If it is proven that the video is hosted reliably and without data loss, it would be difficult for a site to compete with YouTube, but if every university could distribute its own peertube and upload videos without being stuck in a quota, this would be unique.

I left a few sample users, you can log in and test, I think I should have chosen a server with a graphics card.
username password
user1 252525
user2 262626

dns record example


Hey @byram I think you wrote on this post a reply but there was an issue with the forum. Please write back your reply and I will check that it gets published. Sorry for the trouble!

If you have issues with peertube I am sure we can fix it

I think there should be no problem in a blockchain-based system, but the gateway gave an error. The system had to repair itself. I hope these problems will not occur in the future. I forwarded it to the technical department, they could not offer a solution, I deleted the installation and request the topic to be deleted.

If you contacted support they will for sure have a look. Sometimes for some issues the devs need to check and it can time a while to fix. The team really listens to feedback.

Thanks for your time.