Vote: Minting & Farming Rewards GEP + Upcoming Community Calls

Hello all –

We are happy to share with you a few important and exciting updates.

Time to Vote! Updated Minting & Farming Rewards

Last week, we shared a GEP proposal around minting and farming rewards updates, and we are ready to take a vote.

We appreciate the feedback brought by the community on this GEP and we look forward to discussing and incorporating ideas into upcoming GEPs as it makes sense.

Next Thursday: Community Discussion / Q&A

After last month’s call, it was requested by the community to have more regular calls and to ensure that there is more opportunity for two-way conversation.

  • Next Thursday April 11 at 17:00 CEST | 11:00 EDT we will host a two-way call where community members are encouraged to bring questions and topics for discussion.
  • We think it makes the most sense to focus this call on the current GEP, future GEPs,TF Grid 3.14, the cooperative – but as mentioned, feel free to bring your own topics.
  • This is a good opportunity for farmers who are unsure on whether to vote yes/no for the GEP.

Establishing Regular Community Calls

We will begin a regular calendar of community calls, where the second Thursday of each month will be used for discussion / Q&A and the fourth Thursday of each month will be used for the team to provide general project updates, recap activities from the month, and look ahead to the next.

  • As such, we would like to announce our next general project update call on Thursday April 25 also at 17:00 CEST | 11:00 EDT.
  • Further, we aim to have 1-2 supplemental calls each month on more focused topics. This can be an explanation of some aspect of the technology, a solution created, a partnership …
  • Note that in a given month if there is a particularly large amount of discussion needed between team and community, we may choose to have multiple discussion sessions or Q&As.
  • We have not yet planned the first of these calls – we are open to your suggestions! Also if you would like to host a call, let us know, TFT grants may be made available.

All community calls will be hosted at until further notice.

Wrapping Up

All in all, we are excited for the progress we are making and look forward to fine-tuning the existing plans around TF Grid 3.14 together. For those who are interested in participating, we will see you in upcoming community discussions and here on the forum.

Together we build!


Should we have these on Twitter spaces for more visibility? Or do we want to have only announcement type calls on spaces?


Twitter spaces would be the best platform IMO. Twitter is the core platform for everything happening in Web 3. Spaces have the widest and easiest reach for organic growth of project awareness. I say move everything to spaces or at least simulcast. Just doing zoom calls keeps us in a bubble.

Twitter spaces would give us a lot more potential audience. We should have our community calls there. I think we want growth and bringing people to ThreeFold, not private calls. The topics are great for newcomers too, in my opinion.

Hi all sorry for the delayed response here.

I think for this call tomorrow in particular, it will be a bit too nuanced and detailed for Twitter Spaces but it’s a good idea to start having certain calls there and something we are planning – particularly for calls which do not need visual support as Twitter Spaces are audio-only.