On the ground activities in Zanzibar and Dar

Learn about recent and upcoming activities for the team in East Africa.

Zanzalu Student Weekend

This past weekend, some of the team joined Student Weekend at Zanzalu, a five-week pop-up city event in Zanzibar spun off from Zuzalu in Montenegro last year. Zanzalu aims to connect African builders, explore alternative forms of city organization, and foster a growth ecosystem here on the island.

At Student Weekend, @timur presented about ThreeFold and the importance of a decentralized Internet infrastructure for Zanzibar, Tanzania, and East Africa. He also showed the 80+ students, mentors, and others in attendance how to host nodes and deploy workloads on the grid.

In a little under three weeks, a hackathon is planned for Zanzalu, where many of the same participants from the past weekend will attempt to build and deploy their ideas on top of ThreeFold nodes.

AI Meetup in Dar Es Salaam

Kalebu Gwalugano is a friend of the project who we met last year when hosting the Africa Regen Summits here in Zanzibar. Since then, Kalebu’s conversational AI startup, Sarufi, has taken off, and Kalebu has been hosting / co-hosting all types of events in Dar Es Salaam mostly around AI.

This past Saturday, Dunia Yetu – the Tanzanian movement / ThreeFold Chapter aiming to empower Tanzania with its own sovereign cloud infrastructure and innovation ecosystem – sponsored the 8th GenAI Meetup in Dar. Kalebu spoke about Dunia Yetu and the importance of Tanzanian builders building on top of a Tanzanian digital infrastructure, encouraging the audience to take part.

Transformative Impact Summit

On June 7th, the Transformative Impact Summit will be hosted in Zanzibar, bringing together change-makers, funders, and policy-makers to create real world transformative impact.

@kristof will be a speaker there and ThreeFold will be a sponsor, hosting a dinner for speakers on Friday and an evening event on Saturday.

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