TF Grid 4 Series | v4 Farming Model & Tokenomics

On April 18th, we held a community call to discuss TF Grid 4. While we encourage you to watch the full recording, we thought it would be beneficial to share a series of posts diving into specific topics.

With version 4.0, we have some changes coming to the farming model which are intended to address some of the potential issues that we see coming up with the current model and to adapt to a new system with multiple currencies.

Farmers in regional Internets will now farm regional CHI rather than TFT and the farming model has three components.

Farming Reward: A base reward, somewhat of a return to v2 with the difficulty factor. This is a mathematical piece of the puzzle that reduces farming rewards as the supply of tokens in the network grows.

Utilization Reward: This is a move to address the fact that farmers are not paid anything when their nodes are utilized but they have additional costs.

Commercial Level Service Reward: A mechanism to reward farmers who are providing a commercial service (which comes with a higher service level and higher costs).

We’d highly recommend you to check out this timestamp where Scott goes into all the details. And we will bring more documentation on this topic as soon as we can.

For the rest of the Grid 4 series:

As a reminder, ThreeFold is all of ours. If you’d like to provide input or feedback on the Grid 4 plan, please join the Grid 4 Telegram Group.

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