April 2023 TF Grid 4 Community Call: Recording!

Yesterday, @weynandkuijpers, @kristof, and @scott went through everything related to the upcoming TF Grid 4.0 (to be released later this year) which brings forward the long-discussed Internet of Internets model. They discussed why Grid 4 is needed for ThreeFold to scale, what’s new in version 4 compared to version 3 (including 3Bot), how TFT remains (and arguably becomes even more) important, and the updated farming / tokenomics model.

The slides can be found here: https://threefold.docsend.com/view/nym3yyqzb4paznb8

When you click through to the video, you’ll see we’ve included timestamps so you can easily navigate through the call should you like.

As mentioned throughout, this plan is not final. This is why we have opened it up to the community for feedback and input. ThreeFold is all of ours, and your participation is greatly valued.

Please note the content of this call is for information purposes only and is subject to change as the project evolves.