TF Grid 4 Series | What’s New with Grid 4.0

On April 18th, we held a community call to discuss TF Grid 4. While we encourage you to watch the full recording, we thought it would be beneficial to share a series of posts diving into specific topics.

Let’s start with what’s new with Grid 4.0. Below is a list of the main feature updates in this version:

  • TF Mother Chain will be launched, enabling regional internets.
  • TFT becomes the main currency of the full ecosystem, required to deploy a regional internet. CHI is the token of regional Internets.
  • TFT can be used as payment to invest in our Commercial Entities: ThreeFold DMCC (Dubai) and ThreeFold COOP which is our Venture Creator.
  • It will be much easier for a solution provider to build applications on top of TFGrid, using our TF solution, 3Bot, amongst others.
  • There will be Farming economic system improvements.
  • Super flexible and scalable thanks to IOU invoices and payments.
  • Introduction of 3Bot as entry point for developers, farmers, and all others.
  • ThreeFold will go multi-chain to integrate the TF Ecosystem with many different blockchains.

Learn more by catching up with April’s Community Call, where Weynand, Kristof, and Scott went into more details about each of these points.

For the rest of the Grid 4 series:

As a reminder, ThreeFold is all of ours. If you’d like to provide input or feedback on the Grid 4 plan, please join the Grid 4 Telegram Group.


Good times ahead on TF Chain.