TF Grid 4 Series | Why Version 4 is Needed

On April 18th, we held a community call to discuss TF Grid 4. While we encourage you to watch the full recording, we thought it would be beneficial to share a series of posts diving into specific topics.

Some in the community have asked why we are even moving to TF Grid 4 when Grid 3 seems to be working quite well. Let’s get into what version 4 resolves.

Last June, we announced the Internet of Internets, a model for the future of ThreeFold, a global Internet interconnected by many regional or community Internets. During the call, Weynand spoke about how ThreeFold’s long-stated aims and how the Internet of Internets model allows us to achieve our vision by addressing three key issues: scalability, flexibility, and further decentralization.

Scalability: If ThreeFold is to truly scale globally, multiple chains are simply a requirement to manage financial and operational transactions.

Flexibility: Regional Internets allow ThreeFold to meet local and/or community-based needs. The participants of these Internets control their own realities, set their own governance, minting dynamics, and tokenomics.

Decentralization: Also related to the last point. ThreeFold as an entity doesn’t need to play a role in the regional Internet themselves, and each regional Internet has isolated economics that do not impact the entire ecosystem.

To hear more about this topic in particular, please dive into these relevant call chapters: Internet of Internets Vision, Solving the Scaling Issue, and Answering FAQs from the Community.

For the rest of the Grid 4 series:

As a reminder, ThreeFold is all of ours. If you’d like to provide input or feedback on the Grid 4 plan, please join the Grid 4 Telegram Group.

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