TF Grid 4 Series | How TFT Remains Relevant in Version 4

On April 18th, we held a community call to discuss TF Grid 4. While we encourage you to watch the full recording, we thought it would be beneficial to share a series of posts diving into specific topics.

One of the main concerns we heard from the community when we released the first info document about Grid 4.0 was that TFT might become irrelevant. However, rest assured that TFT remains relevant, if not gaining even more importance!

Below, you can see all the potential uses for TFT within Grid 4.0:

To better understand TFT’s place within Grid 4.0 let’s take a look at its relation to CHI.

Basically, what happens is that Grid 4.0 enables Regional Internets to be deployed, each having their own CHI - a ‘regional currency’. Everyone will be part of their own regional Internet so they will mainly use the CHI of the regional internet they are a part of. People in different regional internets go through TFT from their own CHI to get to the other. In the diagram above, you can observe such a transaction. TFT automatically becomes the ‘global currency’ which is used to go from one CHI to another.

The reasons for going for CHI on Grid 4.0 are scalability and flexibility. CHI are used for regional internets which allow the Grid to expand to thousands of nodes. However, everything happens through TFT, which becomes the entrypoint to everything on the Grid, even to CHI.

Learn more about how TFT remains important by watching the recording of April’s Community Call, especially at this time stamp.

For the rest of the Grid 4 series:

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