TF Grid 4 Series | 3Bot: Hello, Old Friend

On April 18th, we held a community call to discuss TF Grid 4. While we encourage you to watch the full recording, we thought it would be beneficial to share a series of posts diving into specific topics.

The Internet of Internets software stack is made up of two things: Zero-OS (which enables the 3Node) & 3Bot. 3Bot was a component we had in TF Grid 2 and we realized it was important to bring it back and evolve it in version 4.

What is 3Bot?
3Bot is your Digital Twin within the ThreeFold ecosystem. It is, just like you had in Grid 2.0, your personal assistant or virtual system administrator. 3Bot will be in your network and do things on your behalf, such as managing your 3Nodes. Now in addition to acting in this capacity, 3Bot will be your own personal and private gateway to the Web3 world.

For now, the 3Bot’s capabilities are mainly focused on blockchain, Web2 & Web3:

Eventually, every person can have a 3Bot to manage their digital lives.

The first 3Bot features include:

  • Your Personal Assistant to Deploy and Manage workloads in TFGrid
  • Your personal gateway to the Ethereum and wider web3 ecosystem
  • Your personal fully integrated BTC and BTC Lightning Node with additional tools
  • A chat interface to communicate with your 3Bot as well as other Nostr & Matrix users.
  • A personal data store (can scale to petabytes, 100% private, unbreakable) for all your apps
  • Deploy blockchain nodes or any other decentralized application on top of the ThreeFold Grid, directly integrated with your 3Bot.
  • Chat Bot Framework and DSL for all Clients in Vlang (25.000 github stars).
  • Personal VPN service (wireguard and yggdrasil)
  • Manage your 3Nodes (the nodes making up the ThreeFold Grid)

These can be explored over JSON-RPC (OPENRPC)

What is 3Bot’s Purpose?
3Bot is part of realizing our vision and is part of our long-term strategy, and it is coming to the forefront with Grid 4.0. We’re already at a stage where Web3 is there in the world, however it is quite complex and not so accessible to all. Developing on Web3 is difficult, which is why the progress there is not so fast.

Having 3Bot basically makes things easier on Web3. You can develop faster, have your own local storage, communicate with multiple blockchains & perform atomic swaps. All of these things are not currently possible on Web3, so 3Bot is a nice complement to the Web3 world.

3Bot’s will also drive utilization on the ThreeFold Grid through its multiple capabilities including (but not limited to):

  • BTC Nodes
  • BTC Lightening Nodes
  • Web 3.0 Gateway
  • Nostr Relay & Gateway
  • TFGrid Deployment Assistant
  • Wiki / Web Publishing
  • Atomic Swaps

Learn more about 3Bot by watching the recording of April’s Community Call, especially at this time stamp.

For the rest of the Grid 4 series:

As a reminder, ThreeFold is all of ours. If you’d like to provide input or feedback on the Grid 4 plan, please join the Grid 4 Telegram Group.