The Threefold Developer Zone

Hey 3Farmers and 3Folders!

We are now in a very exciting phase of Threefold, where it is now possible to develop services and products to offer to the potential Threefold users out there.

Any app you are using on your phone is running on some server, right? Well then it can be run on 3nodes! Threefold’s Zero-OS has been built from scratch, from a Linux kernel and up. And 3nodes, running Zero-OS, can easily connect to the Threefold Grid and farm Threefold Tokens!

Farming is basically plug and play (with some twists for DIY!) with 3nodes such as the Titan, the Node E1 and the Peking. And now with TF Grid 3.0, we can do so much. Well then, what are we waiting for?(!)

Do you have any projects you would like to develop on the Threefold Grid?

Perhaps you want to build a Wordpress site? Maybe you want to run a Presearch node? Or run some simulations (VMs!) for academic research? Do you have a business and you want to implement Uhuru as a general communication tool for your whole team? That sounds like a plan!

Sooo many possibilities.

Share with the community what you want to do on the Threefold Grid!

Perhaps you have an idea that would spark an amazing collaboration between Threefolders, who knows?

"Isn’t it already happening? … I mean, the New Internet! "

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