The Threefold Developer Zone

Hey 3Farmers and 3Folders!

We are now in a very exciting phase of Threefold, where it is now possible to develop services and products to offer to the potential Threefold users out there.

Any app you are using on your phone is running on some server, right? Well then it can be run on 3nodes! Threefold’s Zero-OS has been built from scratch, from a Linux kernel and up. And 3nodes, running Zero-OS, can easily connect to the Threefold Grid and farm Threefold Tokens!

Farming is basically plug and play (with some twists for DIY!) with 3nodes such as the Titan, the Node E1 and the Peking. And now with TF Grid 3.0, we can do so much. Well then, what are we waiting for?(!)

Do you have any projects you would like to develop on the Threefold Grid?

Perhaps you want to build a Wordpress site? Maybe you want to run a Presearch node? Or run some simulations (VMs!) for academic research? Do you have a business and you want to implement Uhuru as a general communication tool for your whole team? That sounds like a plan!

Sooo many possibilities.

Share with the community what you want to do on the Threefold Grid!

Perhaps you have an idea that would spark an amazing collaboration between Threefolders, who knows?

"Isn’t it already happening? … I mean, the New Internet! "


Well, it would be a lot of work, but since our background is offering shared webhosting I’d love to have some sort of basic hosting package like direct admin, plesk or cpanel so we could offer hosting on this new grid. Of course it can start a lot more basic than this, but I’ll be happy to be involved in designing this development.


That sounds like a great project to have on the TF Grid indeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Great idea. That would not be so hard to build. Download an Ubuntu cloud image, boot it with KVM, install your software on it, make a tar.gz of the image, upload to hub and deploy on the Grid.
It’s a bit more complex then these steps but it comes down to manipulating a cloud image as you want, upload it to the hub and start using it.
Can write some guides in the future on how to change cloud images if people are interested in that.

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Thanks @linkmark for the info. Some guides on this would be amazing. It could be a community effort too.

Looks pretty straightforward indeed.

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Continuing on the discussion, having in mind what @RobertL said about how we could “offer hosting on this new grid”, also having in mind @FLnelson’s great new video where he is using CloudFlare to set up a Wordpress website, I was thinking:

What would be the options on the TF Grid to have a completely decentralized website from beginning to end? (or as much as possible decentralized on the TF Grid), with additional features such as using the FreeFlow suite, having a (permanent) domain, and associated emails, etc.

I don’t know all the intricacies of this kind of project. But I do have questions and will explore documentation.

  • Is there a decentralized TF Grid option for Cloudflare and the like?
  • Is it possible to have domains on the TF Grid? or a collaboration with some blockchain that offers domains (permanently perhaps)
  • With the previous point in mind, would it then be possible to have emails with Roundcube? or the like

It looks like Threefold could offer a complete solution to individuals or company when it comes to digital life and all that is needed is for the TF community to complete the puzzle.

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Looking forward to see how that would work! As mentioned, our background (long ago) is webhosting, hence our website
@Mik; Great you mention this. Most people I talk to see the internet as something where you can host/build websites on and use e-mail. Although it maybe fewer traffic than usage by clouds, social media, Apps, video etc. Especially since our backgroud is hosting.

So, let me tell you what my experience is when I try to ‘sell’ this project from Threefold and it’s 3Nodes, people say: "OK, but if it’s decentralised, secure etc. what will happen when my provider shuts down the server I host my website on? How resilient is this new resilient internet then? Will my website appear somewhere else? Why is it more secure? How can you guarantee that connections to my website never go down and I do not have to rely on this central server?

All questions I can’t really answer at this point. So, A resilient, selfhealing ultra secure and unbreakable way of hosting a website will definately be a selling point to convince people to swap, if this is it all technically possible. If yes, let’s start today! :blush:


“A resilient, selfhealing ultra secure and unbreakable way of hosting a website will definately be a selling point to convince people to swap” @RobertL


Thanks Robert for continuing the discussion. I think it’s great to see what the community aims to do and what are the possibilities.

I started to read some documentation and options on what could be done on the TF Grid. I’ll list what I found as alternatives to CloudFlare and may the TF community builds on this and other members share their thoughts.

Alternative to CloudFlare:

  1. OneClickCDN
  2. FastNetMon
  3. Haproxy

The goal of this general dev post is to gather info and ideas from the TF community and see what can be done.

Don’t hesitate Threefolders to jump in and let us know your thoughts!

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Here’s some great thoughts by Rick Sanchez on Telegram:

"If I wanted to provide hosting to end consumers with the grid, I would probably start by deploying a Kubernetes cluster on the grid and installing the admin panel stuff like webmin, FTP, backups, email server etc. from there.

And with a little bit of work something like that can be packaged to be launched as a standard deployment option in the future."

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