Presearch Nodes

Presearch is a longstanding partner of ThreeFold and is one of the most popular solutions offered on the Grid since the days of the v2 Virtual Data Center. Our Grid v3 deployment has been available in the playground for a while now, but it has been somewhat limited by the requirement that a dedicated public IP is reserved for each Presearch node.

With the recent Grid 3.6 release, any node on the Grid can now host a Presearch node. If you’re a ThreeFold farmer and want to host Presearch on your own node, it’s now super easy. The only restriction now is that a single node can be deployed per farm, to avoid IP address conflicts since each Presearch node requires a unique public IP. This also means it’s less expensive than ever to run Presearch on the Grid, about 105 TFT per month by my estimate.

Quick Start

I’m going to briefly describe how to deploy the Presearch weblet, assuming you already have an account activated on TF Chain and some TFT in a Stellar wallet such as the TF Connect app. You can download the Polkadot.js extension and activate your account on the portal in just a few steps, which are described in detail at the beginning of the farming guide.

Fund your account

You’ll need some TFT in your TF Chain account to pay for the deployment. If your wallet runs out of funds, your workload will be paused but not deleted and you have two weeks to add more TFT before the workload is deleted entirely. Head to the portal and bridge some TFT from Stellar using the swap page from the left side nav bar.

Activate your playground profile

For this step, you will need your mnemonic seed phrase for your Polkadot account. There’s no way to recover it from the Polkadot extension, so if you don’t have your words you’ll need to make a new account. No problem, just transfer the TFT you bridged into the new account.

Now, head to the playground. Click the Create Profile Manager tab, enter a password, and hit the button to create. On the following screen you’ll see three fields. Choose a name, enter your mnemonic seed phrase, and your public SSH key if you have one. SSH is a way to login to deployments and execute commands, but this is not necessary for the Presearch deployment. You can enter a placeholder like “none”.

Deploy Presearch

Once you’re inside the Playground, you’ll see Presearch in the left side nav bar. Click that and fill in your Presearch node registration code. If you have a Presearch node key pair you want to import, use the restore tab to input that. Leave public IP unselected, unless you really want to reserve a public IP and pay extra :sunglasses:

The last step is to choose a node. If you’re a ThreeFold farmer wanting to deploy to your own node or otherwise already have a node in mind, select manual under Node Selection and input the node id below. Otherwise, you can use the capacity filter. Both the farm and country selectors are optional here. You’ll only see the first 50 nodes that meet your criteria in any case.

After selecting a node, hit deploy and wait for the deployment to finish. This should only take a few minutes. Then you can head to your Presearch node dashboard and check that your node is connected.

Did it work for you? Questions? Let me know in the replies.


Oh yeah! Amazing guide @scott . Looks easy enough. Great work.

Can’t wait to see the feedbacks from users who deploy a Presearch node.


Ok, I did it…

You took some shortcuts in your explanations, but with some fooling around I managed to launch a Presearch Node on the TF Grid. Hardest was to understand the Presearch website and to find my Presearch Registeration Code.

So, I launched a PS Node in Singapore. No clue if that is a good thing, but at least I increased utilisation of the TF Grid :wink:

However, after 20 or so minutes, the Node did not yet appear on the PS Node Dashboard, but waiting…

Also no TFT where charged for the deploy as far as I can see…

Oh yeah, as Apple Fanboy I find it of course unforgivable that the Polkadot extension is there only for Chrome / Polkadot, but ok… nothing is perfect.

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Ok, after some hours the PS Node still didn’t show up in the PS Dashboard…

I’ll add a link straight to the relevant part of the Presearch site. Any other specifics that could use clarification?

Thanks for the report. I’ve identified an issue with our implementation where temporary network issues are sometimes halting the startup and no retry is attempted. This wasn’t caught during testing so far, and I suspect there could be some new issue at the remote service we retrieve the Presearch code from. I have documented this for our developers to fix and will report back when that’s done. Deleting and redeploying later might also help.

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This morning the deployment was missing from the deployment list while some TFT where charged.

I re-deployed pre-search, and again the node didn’t appear in Presearch.

I will await your further announcements.

Tried it but the deploy button is grayed out, can’t select…
after refreshing the page , the “deploy” button can now be selected.
Trying it out.

Yeah, its seems to have problems getting your account balance often and has to be refreshed.

It was very easy to deploy and for now it works!

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Never noticed this before. Which browser are you using?

Firefox. Happens fairly regularly as of a week ago unless something has changed.

By the way, someone from the community just introduced me to which is something like Presearch. Would make sense to watch this project and perhaps offer a deployment solution for them as well.

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Looks like there already working with flux

Presearch is also working with Flux–I’d say there’s still room for a partnership with Timpi, but it’s not something that we have resources to actively pursue at this time. We can provide technical support in creating a deployment if someone wants to take it on, of course.

This is on my high priority video list.

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@ParkerS. Shall we team up for a evening/weekend “Hack freak and Nerd” party :upside_down_face:? Let’s open a github repo and start creating the needed learnings, configs and processes.

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I’ll have to learn how to use the GitHub’s but I’m down :joy:

If I can, you can… :slight_smile:

Issue with the deployment was found and resolved. New deployments should work well. Anyone who has an existing Presearch deployment should delete and redeploy to ensure their node properly handles future updates pushed by the Presearch team.

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My presearch node is up and running.
However, the cost to run the node is billed at 0.092428 TFT/hour. That means 24x30 = 66.54 TFT per month. At the current TFT price of 0.034 that is $2.26 per month., If TFT goes back up to 0.7 that would be $4.64 per month.

Obviously no big numbers here but given that it only costs 1 Flux per month (around $1) with our nemesis aren’t we a little too expensive?