What is the real value of TFT

Note: This is an old post. Check the manual for the latest TFT info

updated this doc feb 2023

TFT price right now is close to 0.01 and in my personal opinion this does not reflect the real value of the project.

There are max 500.000.000 liquid tokens in the project which means the perceived liquid marketcap would be only 5m USD which is of-course not right. The volumes are low on the exchange and as such not really reflecting value.

Are we worried about this token price? NO personally I am not but yes its frustrating it takes a lot of time to go up.

We anticipated the crypto crash and personally I think we are not done yet. ThreeFold is building a project with real value and a lot has been accomplished and many exciting things will happen < 12 months.

Why is the TFT price not going up right now

  • too many farmers and others keep on dumping the price, as long as more people dump than people buy it will keep on going down to a ridiculous low marketcap (where it is now).

Short term planning:

  • We will launch a commercial offering on top of TFGrid where people pay with credit card and BTC lightening (huge community by itself). We have good community support to kick this off.
  • We have a supporting plan for farmers which will make it no longer needed for them to sell TFT to the market which influences the price negatively. The farming model might be adjusted.
  • We are organising a fundraise for ThreeFold Dubai at a pre-money valuation of 0 USD. This company will execute on the above. This project will work a lot on communication and community building while make sure that our community is aligned, it will be all about building something together.

Our ongoing work:

  • Threefold DMCC (Dubai) is planning to acquire up to 300million TFT. How? Investors can invest by means of TFT, which means TFT holders would receive shares of ThreeFold DMCC in return. This will only be possible for investors who can invest +50k USD worth of TFT. The price of a TFT will be 0.05 USD
  • The Internet of Internets concept will be launched, eventually billions of TFT are required to make this happen (will take some time).
  • FreeFlow will launch, this is our first opensource implementation of alternative to gdocs, zoom, whatsapp, … People will be able to buy their FreeFlow Key which is like a NFT which allows access to a free digital life. We need more funding to get this started though, that is step one, maybe a good reason to create a DAO with a treasury.
  • We are working on big projects with large communities, too early to say more but for sure is interesting and demonstrates how technology like ours is needed to provide real value
  • Our alternative to centralised exchanges will be made public, it will be a sort of very simple concept of a liquidity pool where people can in a fair way buy and sell their TFT, and liquidity will be added through gold tokens and other stable coins. There will be a minimum sales price per TFT.
  • Our validators L2 and our DAO will be launched (we need some more funding before doing so)
  • Dedicated machines (done) & GPU support for AI (soon there), has the potential to drive much more utilization fast.
  • We have heard now multiple times of people who want to buy larger amount of TFT but are waiting for better ways how (e.g. the new liquidity pool concept), because right now its not possible to buy lots of TFT on the exchanges.
  • We are working on better ways how to present all the content (website, wiki, manuals …)
  • We are planning more community events where we meet and co-create with the community
  • We are working to make everything more easy (user interface, tokens, …)

Basically we expect the value of TFT to go up as our project is building value and is expanding, in 2nd phase we expect utilisation to be a driving factor as well. We do not spent any of our scarce resources on supporting speculation.

Busy times ahead of us, please do note we are not planning extra marketing effort right now, its simply not the right time and finishing some of the things above seem to be more important.


A few months ago on here there was a post asking the communities opinion if TF should peruse listing on a centralized exchange. The answer was a resounding yes.

Now, instead of pursuing that, TF has turned its back on even utilizing the existing DEFI infrastructure. People message me to voice their complaints and concerns. They are scared that we are going to attempt a theoretical method to bring liquidity to the project. What if it doesn’t work, TF just dies?

It’s great that TF wants to attempt new things, yes, we are all aware that pancake swap and CEX have major downfalls, but you have to play their game to survive. Check out this major drop in liquidity recently. The lack of liquidity is also turning away big players. I just lost someone who wanted to set up 6 racks in South Florida due to the lack of liquidity. bsc scan liquidity

We are at an inflection point. 3 cents is where a lot of people start to lose money, and as a result, will go offline, they have told me so, this is not conjecture. There is a lot of fear with next months distribution sell off we could go there.

What can be done? Put some of that budget for the proposed 100million TFT buyback into providing pancake swap liquidity. Put some of that buyback budget into working with a CEX listing. Steering far from the communities wants is going to make transition to a DOA a nasty business once the proposals and referendums starting rolling out.

Don’t interpret anything I’m saying as being against you or as being a FUDster. I spend 50-60 hours on ThreeFold a week. I myself have transitioned from network buildout preaching to the utilization push, excited to see where that goes. Launching a website maybe today even.


centralized exchanges may make access to the general public easier but increases token speculation and more instability possibly. I like the idea of launching new alternatives to centralized exchanges. We could all contribute to pancake swap exchanges in the meantime. Right now there’s only $92used on cake/tft liquidity and $63 usd on tft/bnb liquidity pool. I really like everything that is said above and am excited for Uhuru

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I’m a big fan of the level of separation that exist between TFT and the traditional crypto exchanges right now, I think its important to remember that the base of the project is still under development.

I think of the threads over in farming where we are still discussing basic fraudulent hardware prevention with ssd spoofing and there is still work being done on the zos security I’m sure. I feel like we have to be careful to avoid the traditional crypto “TFT to the moon” crazes, yes we want the coin to grow, But that growth need to be natural because of demand for the product. It only takes one whale deciding to dump millions into a coin to start a climb that will ultimately result in an overall loss when the crash follows when a new coin is started trading without a solid backing in use.

Speaking from my personal opinion on the United States, I think remaining ultimately flexible as to the status of TFT is of significant importance, The amount of instability within crypto legislation is not something we want to be fully committed to a course in the presence of. I think its likely we are going to large changes to the crypto currency market and flexibility and durability are going to be what keeps things moving through the changes.

My opinion thats likely to be unpopular, Anyone starting a business has to make investments and is going to lose money at times, but honestly they type of growth that comes from investors that would pull the plug when they are down a bit because literally entire world economy is in the pits, isn’t going to be the growth that makes threefold top tier.

I have honestly been quite proud of how threefold has weathered the storm so far, if yet to see a loss of positive growth in nodes, but I see ant miners, gpus, and rigs for sale all around me. yes the coin has fallen but percentage wise, its outperformed nearly every other crypto at holding its value. .08 to .035 represents a 44% fall, in the big picture, thats solid.

Most importantly I think we have to recognize that TFT is the vessel to deliver a set of technologies that can change the way the world get its information, communicates and, learns. Worldwide threefold adoption solves the I.p. Address shortage, improves overall communication speeds and connection reliability and has the capability to eventually secure internet for people regardless of damaged infrastructure, censorship, or lack of resources. the true value of the project lies within the technology and work that the developers are doing. I have confidence in, and know that this project will pay off regardless of what the coin price is currently doing because its solving a real problem facing the world today.


I believe, TF will never die as long as people want it to work. Its definitely our aim to make TF as decentralized as it can be, which is also the purpose of the Internet of Internets concept.

We have good technology and I believe a decent go2market plan in relation to community, countries, technology utilization, now even some banks. Personally I am very exciting with the plan which is all about growing expansion right now and the freeflow twin (Uhuru).

About DEFI and exchanges, we are not suggesting, to go off exchanges or stop using DEFI, the only thing we see right now is that these mechanisms don’t really work for us, it only serves the ones who have enough funds to play the game and have lots of marketing power.

We are not against being on new centralized exchanges either, but it requires at least 5-10m USD which we don’t have right now. But even if we would, personally I would not like spend this amount of money on a strategy as has been executed by many crypto projects. We have chosen not to go that path, but everyone out there who wants to do it for TF can, TFT is an asset on Stellar blockchain so it’s easy.

I think there is a misunderstanding about TFTech’s wish to acquire TFT. TFTech will not buy the 100m TFT, this is an invitation for accredited investors to invest in our capital increase using TFT in stead of USD. TFTech today has no tokens, and we believe it would be good for TFTech to have its own treasury of TFT as we personally believe this will be a very valuable asset. Additional benefit is that even more tokens will be managed by a party who has no interest dumping and can wait till the real value comes. So this is not giving us cash to use for TF.

What we are doing instead is responding to the requirement of our audience, people are asking more liquidity and many don’t feel safe on exchanges and for sure not on DEFI platforms, lots (myself included) have lost quite some money there. There are quite some people who want to provide liquidity in other words the only thing we do is connecting the providers of liquidity to the audience who needs it but in a way which is safe, transparent and in we hope in everyones interest, we are not doing anything special it could even be executed by nothing but an excel sheet and a licensed market maker but I think something little bit more automated makes sense.

Bottom line of the strategy is easy, expansion requires lots of TFT (billions), access to Uhuru requires TFT as well and is using our hardware, and the rest is all about making things as easy as we can in relation to DAO, buying/selling tokens, deployment of workloads…

Personally I believe it’s the absolute wrong moment for people to switch off their nodes, the token price is not at all in relation to our value, at one point in time they will remember how cheap it was to mine our tokens right now.


That sounds amazing. Gold tokens + TFT in a liquidity pool?! Oh yeah.
This whole list of project looks like a solid plan. Can’t wait to see Threefold grow in the next 12 months.

A community discussion/event would be nice. Where people can ask questions and get to know what is next for Threefold.

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As of the CEX listing, I agree it needs an appropriate time to do this, probably not now. For example, Tesla Inc was founded in 2003 and went public only 7 years after in 2010.
It makes sense to spend resources and improve liquidity availability, but it probably makes sense to spend 10M on tech development rather than CEX listing. People want CEX listing because they believe it is a direct path to token skyrocketing in price. Of course, CEX unlocks big money inflow into the project, but only when tech is ready, marketing is done and market conditions are appropriate (consider recession and inflation).


This and some other side convos I have had have increase my confidence in the proposed liquidity solutions.


more info on http://liquidity.threefold.me/

It is currently cheaper for me to buy TFT than to run my farm. That is not healthy.
And the fact that V2 still earns tokens bothers me endlessly!

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I understand that and agree,

I personally believe, buying TFT cheaper than farming is a temporary thing, the liquidity is low, which means it’s a good opportunity for everyone to do it.

about v2, this is indeed very annoying, maybe we should do a GEP for this,
it was informed before that upgrades need to happen

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I have full trust and faith in the project. I like the arguments posed by Kristof here.

Keep on growing guys. Slowly and steadily. Good foundations support large structures


the TFT value is very low right now at ±0.01 USD which means the market cap of all tokens is less than 10m USD which is probably not in correspondence of what is being build.

It believe its time we go to our next step where we implement a proper DAO which has as purpose to create commercial offerings on top of the TFGrid using stable coins like BTC so we can create a treasury who has the capability to buy back TFT at the right price for participating farmers as well as contributors for the DAO who provide added value.


juts updated the main post message (see up) to reflect our current status.

The start of this post is 6 months old lets reflect.

price of the token

  • went down to very low value

how did it go

  • good: the larger projects are making good progress, it takes time though, we signed a heads of agreement with a country, we chose not to do promotion about it yet.
  • good: the software had major progress again, dedicated nodes, just now power management, multiple ways for community to make money on top of grid, mastodon, …
  • great: active community, many people are helping to test and expand and make usecases
  • good: manuals and presentation is improving
  • not good, funding still not there, market has been very tough, we didn’t get a break, lucky our team and community has been amazing helping us to survive. We are getting closer so thats good.
  • not good: we had no time or funding to work on validators or decentralized exchange.
  • not good: perception is not good enough right now, we need to work on this
  • good: there is a good plan how to deal with low TFT price, it will take upto 6 months to succeed though
  • not good: its too hard for community to get started and contribute, we need to be more clear what to do first, how to help, …

some update here

  • the token price is very low, in our opinion does not reflect to the real value of TF, but thats up to the reader to assess. ThreeFold Dubai still has no funding to achieve some of our goals to improve this situation.
  • fundraising is very hard, we are on it for about a year now, we got 2 termsheets signed for investment in our venture creator, we expect 5m USD investment for ThreeFold Cloud (our company in Dubai), which will use this funding to deploy more commercial solutions on top of the TFGrid and this company is also interested to buy back TFT as well as allow accredited investors to invest using their TFT.
  • an agreement has been signed with government of Zanzibar to deliver a digital freezone using ThreeFold tech as well as promoting a new internet, this is an example of how real utilization will possible drive utilization
  • the community is now hard at work on proposals for new tokenomics for our TFGrid 4.0, with as purpose to resolve the issues we are having right now, e.g. farmers still feel the need to sell tokens are a low price and this keeps on driving the price down because there is no liquidity yet
  • as part of this the validators would come life
  • manuals and product are in good shape, thank you everyone
  • lots of improvements have been made in communication and info flow

Sorry to ear that is hard to get a decent fundraising. Maybe we need to change something, no?
As I right TFT value is 0.006€
From that page in you compare the ThreeFold project with others:

  • FLUX value is 5x TFT
  • FILECOIN value is 50x TFT
  • SIACOIN value is the only worst than TFT
  • GOLEM value 3x TFT
  • AKASH value 14x TFT
  • SYNTROPY value 4x TFT
  • HELIUM value 20x TFT

Maybe you must try other markets out of Dubai to fundraising.

I spend 1000€ in a 3NODE, and I give up to have a ROI. If others think like me you are on the hand of big players and it’s the endo of “an internet by the people for the people”.
And what you have approved in terms of tokenomics is a full complication.

It’s a good thing to explore the GPUs but I think we are late again as you could see comparing to Rendernetwork

It’s not enough to have a good project, or a multitude of belivers on it. May be we need a decent marketeer for saving the whole project.


The real value of TFT will never be exposed until we stop trying to a fix people problem with more technology.

There is no code that can be written that will fix this situation. Term sheets and investments, will not fix this situation.

There is one thing that will save tft from further fall from Grace, and that is stopping this train where it is at and focusing on the human side of this project.

V4 tokenomics will never be relevant and none of these news business will be viable if we don’t course correct the basic foundation we’re building on.

We need a community manager that actually talks to the community occasionally. Did you guys ever know there is actually a PAID community manager?

We need a ceo that is just a threefold ceo, someone truly focused on the grid and only the grid success. you can’t have the principal leader focused outside the project he’s leading it just doesn’t work. This isn’t a startup anymore, clearly we missed that transition.

If there is a single member of the threefold team that can’t demonstrate deploying a basic vm, they need to not be team members anymore. If we have no marketing program, why are there people being paid to do it?

Until we start acting like this a real business and not a commune, we’re just going to continue the path we’re on.


Yup, I think this is the root cause of many issues. And we need assurance that this is the case, otherwise I think many will be confused why they are here.


I think i agree. Last time I talked to the team/founders we talked about the way forward and how we among others can setup a healthy business on a stable base to try and professionalise (is that a word?) this project. Although we’re going forward with it, I’m still a bit unsure on the real (not only verbal) support. Although i hear some exciting ideas, they’re aimed more to the future than to 'now ’ it seems. I’m not saying i have the answers :slight_smile:

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I think TFT is like Philips (in Netherlands): They have a lot of good ideas but never a good business! Like the intelligent lighting or UV stereolithoscopy to make chips (ATMS is a former Philips idea).
I see this wonderful idea OurPhone but… I think is dead on the water!
When I got to “Buy Now” send me for a Google form and ask me my referral code! I discover this by my own and they ask me for a referral?! Really?!
Who stays beyond the project? Let me guess: The same marketeer beyond ThreeFold right?

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