2-Week Grace Period for Unfunded Deployments

Earlier this year, @weynandkuijpers started a discussion around how to handle deployments that run out of TFT. Previously, deployment contracts were cancelled and the respective workload deleted when the connected wallet ran out of tokens. Obviously, that process was not optimal – and even less so, once we’re looking to push utilization.

So with the release of ThreeFold Grid 3.6.1 on mainnet, the team implemented a new feature for Zero-OS. It now supports a function for pausing workloads for up to two weeks before cancelling the contract.

This means that if the wallet paying for a workload runs out of TFT, it will get paused for a maximum period of two weeks but not deleted. During this time, you will not be able to access the workload. Simply add a sufficient amount of tokens to the wallet to cover the costs of the workload, and it will be resumed. In case the connected wallet doesn’t receive sufficient funds within the two-week grace period, the contract gets cancelled and the workload gets deleted.

How to calculate deployment costs

With Grid V3, we implemented a post-billing system, so you will get billed for the utilized capacity after deploying the workload. The simplest way to estimate your workload’s cost is to deploy on the TF Playground and wait until the TFT per hour field fills in. Based on this number, you can calculate your workload’s future costs. Also, you can find the costs per CU/SU/NU here.

How to know when you’re running out of funds

There are several ways to figure out if your wallet is running out of funds. Simply check your wallet in the TF Connect app or go to the TF Chain Portal to check on your account balance.

If you’d like something more advanced, there are some command line tools that allow you to write a small script for monitoring your balance and notifying you on Telegram. Also, @scott will create a bot similar to the node status bot, so you can subscribe to a given wallet address and receive alerts when it’s running low – stay tuned!

Happy deploying, and don’t forget to keep your wallet funded!

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Also, give the new ThreeFold Product Updates - August 2022 a read – the team plans to introduce a profile manager for Grid v3.7.0 which will let you know if your deployment is in grace period and when the time to refund your wallet will run out.