Announcing the node status bot for Telegram

Hi everyone,

In response to a much requested feature, I’ve created a Telegram bot that can alert you if your node goes down. Quick rundown:

  • Works for Grid 3 only - (I don’t want to expend too much effort supporting Grid 2 when it’s being replaced, but I may see if I can quickly get a Grid 2 version running since I know many Titan owners want this capability and you’re stuck on Grid 2 for now.)
  • Check the status of your node right now or subscribe to updates if it status changes
  • Works by pinging the nodes every five minutes (this is a different method than the explorer uses, so they may report different results)
  • Front end provided by Telegram. Back end hosted on Grid 3, of course :sunglasses:
  • This is a beta release and probably has bugs. The bot releases itself of any liability related to your farming income.

To get started, go talk to the bot on Telegram (@tfnodestatusbot). Also consider subscribing to the updates channel for news on new features, maintenance, and other changes.

If you have any issues, feature requests, etc, please respond below or DM me on Telegram (@scottyeager).

I’ll release the source code sometime soon after I’ve had a chance to clean it up. In the interest of hitting my commitment to deliver by this week, it’s a little gnarlier than I’d like :japanese_ogre:

Please have a go and let me know what you think!


Pretty cool! Good thing I just migrated to Grid 3 :grin:

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@scott would love to see what you did. I hacked somethinf together that runs as a script on a linux node (could be vm) in crontab. The only extension I made is to have it send me messages on telegram in something is not right (sites, wiki, etc).

Happy to learn how I can do this with a Telegram bot -> when it’s less Gnarly (I am sure it’s not too bad) let me know. Love to see it. :pray:

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