The new farming calculator – a much simpler way to calculate your potential farming rewards!

As you may have noticed, a lot of our recent updates and new features with ThreeFold Grid 3.0, like the TF Chain Portal and the new Explorer UI, are about improving the user experience for our community. The farming calculator is no different.

What is the Farming Calculator and what can it be used for?

We created the farming calculator to enable you to simulate potential farming rewards that can be earned for contributing capacity to the ThreeFold Grid (3.x) – our open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure.

By choosing different configurations and parameters, you can easily explore the profitability of becoming a ThreeFold Farmer. Try the farming calculator here and find examples for calculations in our wiki.

Please keep in mind that this new calculator is set for farming rewards 3.0. Therefore, simulations only apply to 3Nodes registered on TF Chain for ThreeFold Grid 3.x. Take a look at Scott’s post on Grid 3 migration news.

How is this calculator an improvement over what we had before?

Previously, we used a spreadsheet for farming rewards calculations. While the spreadsheet did provide proper calculations, it wasn’t very user-friendly. With ThreeFold Grid 3.0, we decided to create an actual tool.

The new calculator is a weblet, basically a web-based widget deployed on top of the ThreeFold Grid, with 100% decentralization and a much nicer user experience. This web-based farming calculator simplifies the process of calculating potential farming rewards.

If you want to learn more about weblets, take a look at this forum post or the wiki. You can also check out our playground.

How to use the Farming Calculator

The new farming calculator is a great starting point for current and future farmers. It enables you to look into how certain parameters and specifications could impact farming rewards in a much simpler and more accessible way.

Start by choosing the configuration of your node. Currently, the options are either a DIY or Titan v2.1 node. After that, you can try different options for hardware parameters like memory (GB), CPU (Cores), SSD (GB) as well as other parameters such as power cost, price of TFT at the point of registration on our blockchain and more, as you can see in the image below.

Based on these specifications, the farming calculator predicts your potential rewards and displays them in the form of graphics and diagrams for a clear overview of your earnings potential. So, the new calculator allows you to see the differences between certain specifications and how changes might affect your rewards at one glance.

Just play around to find out how certain parameters would impact your farming rewards and which specifications would be most beneficial for you – it’s pretty straightforward! If you need a jumping-off point, check out our library for hardware options and recommended setups.

There’s also a switch allowing you to choose between simulating your potential net profit or return on investment (ROI), as you can see in the image above. If you switch from basic to advanced view, you’ll see both the net profit as well as the ROI, as shown in the image below.

If you’re working with certified hardware, don’t forget to tick the “certified”-box in the bottom-left corner, so the calculator recognizes your additional 25% rewards.

Become a ThreeFold Farmer

Be a part of the People’s Internet! Connect compute, storage or network capacity to our peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure and earn income in the form of TFT for it. Currently, we’re already available in 58 countries with more than 1,420 3Nodes and counting.

Not sure if this is really for you because you’re lacking technical skills? No worries, you don’t have to do it yourself! I’m not exactly a tech genius myself, so I got a 3Node from one of our certified hardware partners – and it’s been living quietly in my living room ever since. They have easy plug-and-play functionalities, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to join the People’s Internet. Just get one of these plug-and-earn 3Nodes, connect it to network bandwidth and electricity, and you’re good to start farming.

Ready to calculate your rewards?! Share your experience with the farming calculator in the comments below.

Have questions on farming or want to share your experiences as a ThreeFold farmer? Join our official farming chat or visit the farming section on our forum to find more information, ask for help, and connect with other ThreeFold farmers.

Useful links:

Please keep in mind that these simulations are not investment advice nor should they be looked at in this way. The scenarios shown are by no means a guarantee and no one can predict the future of yields exactly as they are heavily dependent on factors beyond anyone’s control. The DAO could also decide to change parameters or farming, which could have a different result.


some members of community just found a possible issue in the farming calculator, we will check the formula’s again tomorrow. Please see the specs of calculator on:

Thank you community for reporting this


No bug here. Changes were pushed to the simulator repo, reducing the reward per SU. Minified JS makes it hard to see the change, but if you expand it:


The change brings farming rewards in line with the wiki, which states 1 USD rewarded per SU.

Farmers who purchased hardware based on the old figures are understandably upset. I think we should factor this into the rate offered for farmers who brought nodes to Grid 3 in January.


Wooow!) this is how modern calculator should look and work ! Great work ! Thanks ! I see that CPU cores has minimal to no impact (adding more than 8 cores) on ROI and RAM has the highest impact. Adding 32GB RAM (64GB RAM total) will increase ROI from 3326% to 6208% on Titan 2.1 default setting. Questions:

Is the above observation correct ?
What hardware part impacts ROI at most ?
Can I replace/add RAM on Titan 2.1 to bring it up to 64GB ?



The CU in a node is bounded by CPU, RAM, and SSD. Try adding more RAM and you’ll eventually hit a limit based on CPU cores, at that point, adding more cores will have an impact. Increase both far enough, and eventually you’ll need to add more SSD to increase CUs any further.

In terms of selecting hardware for ROI, it all depends on your hardware costs versus how many TFT particular hardware generates. Adding RAM can have a big impact, as you’ve noted, but once you’ve hit the limit noted above, you’ll need to consider a different CPU which may then imply a different system entirely. At that point, adding storage may be the best way to increase ROI while staying within your budget.

Changing the hardware inside your Titan will void it’s warranty and potentially also its certified status.


Ideas to upgrade the TF simulator:

  1. Have a lower limit of 8 cents (as proposed by @FLnelson on the TG channel)
  2. Explain clearly that the TFT market price is not the same as the TFT fixed price of the simulator/farming rewards (as of now it’s 8 cents TFDAO fixed priced vs sub 4 cents market price)
  3. Have the same bonus in % for certified 3node in DIY and Titan (Titan has a 56% increase, when it should be 25% just like the DIY link) (explained here)
  4. When you select Titan v2.1 in Choose Configuration, have the simulator set with the option Certified Node
  5. Add the Gold certification option to the DIY configuration too (ex: a Peking certified 3node farm in a Datacenter could be qualified for Gold certification, not just Titans)


I think it would be helpful for prospective farmers, who plan to purchase a 3Node, to see all the specs. Currently I don’t see all the specs listed for The Peking on the webpage that I’d need to input into the calculator to compare against The Emperor, for example.

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Yes, and in addition to that, last time I checked (admittingly, quite some time ago) the estimate for the titan was like 50% too high.

Including a link to the marketplace and DIY materials on the calc would be a good idea too.

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