Grid 3 Migration News

Hey everyone,

The time has come. Grid 3 mainnet is live and we are encouraging DIY farmers to migrate their nodes. This thread is for logging the latest updates on the migration process and known issues with booting nodes on Grid 3.

For instructions on how to start farming on Grid 3, see the farming section of the manual.

Titans owners

Certified Titans will need a special process to join Grid 3. Non certified Titans can be migrated, but we encourage you to wait for an official process and instructions


We did not plan to start logging the token price for farmers’ v3 minting until the new minting was actually activated. That means you shouldn’t stress about timing your migration to Grid 3

For certified nodes, the lock in price will be the token price when you bought your node, as previously promised. For DIY nodes, we are discussing an “early adopter” rate for all nodes registered in the month of January. Nothing is set in stone, and we welcome your input on the forum: Farming Reward Calculation

Known issues


The Grid 3 mainnet explorer is not reporting whether nodes are online or offline correctly. For now, your best bet is to connect a screen and check the node console. Look for IP addresses in the network section. If they show “not configured”, please wait at least 10 minutes and then contact support

Update - January 7: a new version of the explorer has been deployed and most nodes appear to be displayed correctly now. Our dev and ops team will continue working on this.

Failed to get node twin

If your node shows “failed to get node twin” after booting, it probably just needs more time to register itself on TF Chain. One farmer reported this issue resolved after enabling IPv6 in their network.

Please wait ten minutes and then contact support if the issue persists.

Hardware not detected/utilized

Some nodes that were working on Grid 2 are not utilizing their disks on Grid 3. Other nodes are not reporting their system resources correctly. If your node shows this behavior, please contact support.

Ping fails

Update - January 10: The ping check has been replaced with a check that Zos can download a website. This may take some time to be deployed to mainnet

During boot, Zos attempts to ping Google to check internet connectivity. If the ping fails, booting halts even if the node is online. Try pinging the same site from another computer in your network. Issues at your ISP can interfere with pings, and some block them altogether.

Limited Cache

The “limited cache” message either means that the node has no SSD or is not utilizing the installed SSD. If your node has SSD, try wiping the disk. Nodes without cache are not able to function on Grid 3.

BIOS Update

On some systems, it may be necessary to update your BIOS to successfully migrate from Grid 2 to Grid 3. If your node crashes while booting Grid 3 or has other issues, updating the BIOS may resolve this issue.


Thanks for this, @scott :facepunch: You rock!

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Sure thing, brother. We got this :rocket:


Scott, I have an issue migrating to V3
When using the V2 EFI on USB stick the servers boot fine and I can see the capacity on Grid 2.0 explorer
I have registered a new farm on V3 and downloaded from the bootstrap page, but the servers hang on “detecting network interfaces” and will not continue.
If afterwards I again use the V2 boot USB’s again, everything starts up just fine …
Any idea?

Great news that Grid 3 is live.

Does that mean we can start to use the GRID to host website and apps now?

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, I tried to create a new farm with a Ledger device and it said that TF Chain does not support yet Ledger with Polkadot.js (Official message: “There is no known Ledger app available for this chain”. In case anyone else would try it, I don’t think it can be done.

So for now, we must create a local seed phrase on the computer instead of using a Ledger.

Anyone else tried it? Maybe someone succeeded?

I’d be curious to know if in the future, when it works with Ledger, will it be possible to move to Ledger, for obvious additional security?

Great thread.

Will troubleshoot with you via DM :+1:

Yes indeed. Deploying to the Grid is easier than ever, thanks to weblets (only for devnet and testnet for now, but hopefully mainnet soon). Terraform is another very cool, though more technical, way to deploy to Grid 3 that you can use with mainnet.

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Would be nice to have for sure. @dylanv would be the one to ask about if/when we can expect to see this.

Hey guys,

Should we remove this link?

It leads to people having a v2 node while the v3 is now online.

These links are for v3 (both can be used):

(Choose production mode)

Or then, we could simply have the leading to v3 instead of v2.

It seems to be misleading DIYers booting nodes on the grid.

I migrated today to V3
the " Failed to get node twin" error took more than 3hours to pass
but now everything is fine,
happy farming

I also found, is that the same?

This link works too! Thanks for the reminder. I edited my post. :slight_smile:

Well, changing links always breaks links, and we’re not ready to retire Grid 2 bootstrap just yet.

Farming on Grid 3 is a whole new process, so as long as the need to visit a new bootstrap is well documented, I think it’s okay.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: There was an issue blocking twin registration, for which a fix was deployed.

Yes, this is the same and will probably be the preferred link going forward.