TFGrid3 playground, usage of capacity

Hello all,

We are happy to announce our playground for TFGrid3 weblets.

  • Weblets are compiled javascript widgets which use the ThreeFold GRID Javascript client.
  • Weblets can be embedded in any website or blog, each weblet is 100% decentralized.
  • Weblets make it easy to reserve capacity.

The playground is a graphical user interface which hosts the weblets. You can use it to deploy solutions on the TF Grid 3. Amongst others, you can deploy VMs, Kubernetes, Caprover…

Caprover is a very cool tool to deploy in an easy way much more complicated solutions, check it out.

The tool is available here.

Remark: first you need to define an identity on the TFChain using the portal and then import the mnemonics (which are only visible in your local machine) into a profile you create on the playground, see manual linked below.

More info can be found in the TF Grid 3 wiki manual

Please join us and help with the testing !


Really cool, thanks for sharing! :pray: