TFT on Ethereum

Hi everyone

We are glad to announce that we are creating a bridge from Stellar to the Ethereum network. The plan is to also host a liquidity pool on Ethereum uniswap so anyone can buy TFT on Ethereum.

We also invite the community to add TFT and Ethereum to the liquidity pool!

We will keep you updated on this process as we go live

The Threefold team


Great step!
That makes it easier for a huge community to buy TFT.


Update: TFT is now live on Ethereum!

Portal to bridge from Stellar to Ethereum:

We still need to setup some initial liquidity in order to start swapping between TFT and Eth (or other currencies).


what the contract address for TFT on Ethereum ?

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you have it here:


How can I use the TFT Stellar-Ethereum bridge?

When you go to the TFT Stellar-Ethereum bridge website, connect your Ethereum wallet. Then the bridge will present a QR code which you scan with your Stellar wallet. This will populate a transaction with the bridge wallet as the destination and an encoded form of your Ethereum address as the memo. The bridge will scan the transaction, decode the Ethereum wallet address, and deliver newly minted TFT on Ethereum, minus the bridge fees.

For the reverse operation, going from Ethereum to Stellar, there is a smart contract interaction that burns TFT on Ethereum while embedding your Stellar wallet address. The bridge will scan that transaction and release TFT from its vault wallet to the specified Stellar address, again minus the bridge fees.

What is the contract address for TFT on Ethereum?

The contract address for TFT on Ethereum is the following: 0x395E925834996e558bdeC77CD648435d620AfB5b.

You can see it on Etherscan here.

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Is this fully up and running now ? How long should be bridge usually take.

Yes it’s up and running, any TX should be able to processed within 15 minutes. Did you experience an issue?

have not tried is since my first attempt took 4 days to show up on the other end

That was because of an issue that we didn’t spot during development, this is fixed now and it should never take that long anymore :slight_smile:

I tried another transaction and have not seen it on the other side yet…

Hi, it seems there is another issue. We are looking into it :slight_smile: It seems like production environment is quite different from the testing environment

its shown up now thanks, can you keep up updated on when its fully up and running on mainnet as expected. Thanks

Whats the go if you want to add liquidity is there any tutorial on this?
And do you get any benefits from being a liquidity provider?

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It’s the same as any eth liquidity pool. There should be a couple hundred tutorials on YouTube. Find your favorite channel.


uniswap v3 is probably one of your safest bets

You should watch some video on what LP is and the potential risks with impermanent loss and consider the eth gas fee you will pay initially

Would like to add my 2cents here about TFT on eth. I like it. But for me as a farmer, who now has to sell some TFT to cover electricity bill. Find it hard to swallow to pay 2000TFT fee for just 1 transaction. At the current price of TFT, thats nearly $25. What about when the price of TFT rises, is it still going to be 2000TFT? What about other chains, are there plans for other chains as well? Will the fee still be that high? So to sum up my thoughts. I like that we get exposure on eth network, but disappointed in the high fees.

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The fee is there to cover gas to execute the contract that emits the TFT on Ethereum. So if TFT price goes up, then the number of TFT charged in the fee can be decreased. A bridge to Polygon was also planned next to the Eth bridge at some point, but I’m not sure what the current status on that is.

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Welcome to eth. Note it is not the doing of threefold, that’s just how eth is.

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