TFT on Ethereum howto

As already announced, TFT is available on Ethereum now too.
It is implemented as a wrapped asset with token address 0x395E925834996e558bdeC77CD648435d620AfB5b

Add TFT to Metamask

Import Token:

Choose Custom Token:

Paste 0x395E925834996e558bdeC77CD648435d620AfB5b in the Token contract address field. The Token symbol should now be filled with TFT automatically.

You can now click on the “Add Custom Token” button and confirm on the next screen:

Liquidity is present on Ethereum so you can use the “Swap” functionality from Metamask directly or go to Uniswap to swap Ethereum or any other token to TFT.

When using Uniswap, paste the TFT token address ( 0x395E925834996e558bdeC77CD648435d620AfB5b ) in the Search field to select TFT on Ethereum.

Transfer TFT on Ethereum to TFT on Stellar and vice versa

The easiest way to transfer TFT on Ethereum to TFT on Stellar and vice versa is using the bridge UI available at