TFT Fiat Gateway Beta Testing Program

In ongoing efforts to make the ThreeFold Token (TFT) more accessible, Mercuryo fiat gateway was integrated into! This means that it will now be possible to buy TFT with a credit or debit card.

Edit: It seems at this time, debit cards are not working. We are looking into this.

The beta testing program incentivizes the validation of the experience, from the community. As a gesture of gratitude, participants will earn a 500 TFT “cash back,” provided by ThreeFold.

Please read each of the steps to participate below:


  • Buy TFT with a credit or debit card on Both Visa and Mastercard are supported.
  • The recommended transaction amount is 100 Euro worth of TFT.
  • Provide feedback on your experience via this form.

Important Notes

  • Not all countries are supported, please check the FAQ
  • Filling out the form with your feedback and proof of transaction is the only way to validate the “cash back”
  • Only the first 20 people to complete the process will be rewarded


  • Wednesday, May 11th 2022 23:59 CET (extended from May 4th)

Looking forward to validating the fiat gateway together. Please send any questions below.

The ThreeFold Team


Can we know how many people are trying?

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Hola amigo – Not enough (so far)! :wink:

I’m hesitant about sharing outside of the community too much. Could get swarmed. Unless that’s what we want?

Let’s hold on this for now. Once we’ve tested sufficiently and implemented any feedback, we can go bananas :banana:

I’ve tried:
on GET TFT the current price is 0.090514210 USD
on BSC the current price is 0,067298 USD
Therefore the price of GET TFT (getting TFT) is not enough convenient.
In my opinion, getting TFT must be easy AND in line with the current price of TFT, and in this moment it isn’t.


I’ll try it out tomorrow and update my post once I’m done

I will try this weekend
How many are now? Twenty is tight number!

Hello, I’m trying to buy TFT selecting € (no BTC) as VISA payment currency, but when I land on the Mercuryo page I see selected BTC instead of TFT, Why?
Best Regards

It’s a glitch I faced as well. I think it happens when you create the account for the first time, it somehow resets the currency to BTC at the checkout.
All I did was restarting the process while already authenticated and it said “other crypto” which I assumed is TFT.

I don’t know… I make the same question (why BTC instead TFT) to Mercuryo support team.
here is the answer:
TFT is not supported in Mercuryo
Here’s list of supported coins

Therefore my question is still valid:
how to get TFT if landing in Mercuryo they propose BTC?

Hello Fish, thank you for your feedback. Regarding pricing policy I’ve passed your point to responsible people, thank you.

Hey Skydive and Fish, thank you for reporting this bug of switching back to BTC, I’ve contacted Mercuryo team and we will investigate it

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Also re: the pricing I just wanted to present the math around this test specifically:

  • 105 dollars (100 euros) worth of TFT at .067298 is 1560 TFT
  • 105 dollars (100 euros) worth of TFT at .090514210 is 1160 TFT

This is a difference of 400 TFT. But we give 500 TFT back from the foundation for testing the gateway. There’s also a 3.9% fee from Mercuryo. In the end, you’re not losing any TFT through the test, it’s actually a small gain and it helps us out. :pray:t3:

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Hi Sam, not have an issue with a few TFTs of this test (I’m not so stingy!)
I’m talking about the future and that this “gateway to get TFT” should be in line with the cost of TFT in relation, for example, to BSC - TFT price.
Anyway, to demonstrate that I’m stingy, I’ll perform the test asap.

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Hi Nickolay, Mercuryo team didn’t write me about “bugs” but about the fact that TFT is not listed… What’s happening?

From Mercuryo team:
TFT is not supported in Mercuryo

Here’s list of supported coins”

Thank you team, I just received the 500 TFT for my fiat TFT purchase.Screenshot_20220503_173351


:laughing: I wasn’t trying to imply you are stingy, Fish. I hear your feedback. Thank you for it. :pray:t3:

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Hi Fish, yes, they do not support TFT directly, conversion is happening to BTC first (on the background) and then to TFT

Hi Nickolay, in this case, in my opinion, the instructions/indications present in GET TFT web page are not clear.

In fact, reading the page it looks that, via Mercuryo, you will be able to get TFT with BTC OR Euro OR Dollar.

if is not like this, as now I finally understand, it’s better, in my opinion, to write on GET TFT Web Page, something like this:

if you don’t have BTC available, a conversion will happen (via Mercuryo) from FIAT to BTC first and then to TFT.

With this clarification, I’m sure the procedure will be much clear for everybody. :wink:


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