TFDAO Voting for TFGrid v3.7.1 Mainnet Upgrade Proposal is now LIVE

TFDAO Voting for TFGrid v3.7.1 Mainnet Upgrade Proposal

Since the launch of TFGrid v3.7.x on testnet (TFGrid v3.7.0 and TFGrid v3.7.1), we have been happy to see that the network supports smooth operations for the grid.

Together with the team’s efforts and testing support from the community, we are now ready to propose a new mainnet upgrade from TFGrid v3.6.1 to TFGrid v3.7.1, which will explore fresh opportunities to further empower the grid.

As a decentralized organization, we will cast the votes for this proposal live on-chain. We highly encourage all farmers to cast their votes. Farmers with active nodes are eligible to participate and can vote in the ThreeFold Dashboard:

The 7-day on-chain voting period began on Monday October 10th 2022 at 13:00 CET and ends on Sunday October 16th 2022 at 23:59 CET. If the proposal passes a minimum of 25 votes, TFGrid Mainnet will be upgraded to version 3.7.1.

How to Vote

If you’re not already set up on the dashboard and you’d like to get started, you can follow the instructions here.

Once logged in, click on account --> DAO. You should now see the proposal on your screen along with the option to vote. Note it might take one or two seconds to show up.

Happy Voting!

Sasha Astiadi
ThreeFold Product Management


got 31 yes, needed 25
right @sabrinasadik ?
so let’s go for TFGrid 3.7.1 on Mainnet!! :hugs: