GRANT SUGGESTION: Improve network map in the Threefold explorer

Today we have a nice and functional explorer for the Threefold nets. But … there are examples of much nicer explorers out there. I think a very good example is the Helium one.

With this post, I want to gauge if there is community interest (and capability) to create a nicer explorer for the Threefold grid. Internally we are flat out with all the other works that need completion for bringing version 3.7.1 live and complete all the feature implementation for version 3.8.x (and more detailed information can be found here)

So please let me know if there is anyone (or a group) out there that would like to engage on this one and make it a community project. I’ll work with the foundation to find a grant for this if there if enough enthusiasm and interest.


Actually, @teisie has built a very helium style explorer in his iPhone app!

You can find the app here

Very cool. Is this a starting point to port it to a web version?

I imagine it will end up at eventually but I haven’t heard that from the man himself.

It’s in the works. I’m building this on top of the new upcoming cloud company all hosted on and using TF grid. Will update everyone soon


Great! Looking forward to “browse” the map.

In case it’s of interest, the source code for my proof of concept map is in this repo. It’s based on the open source Leaflet library and freely available map tiles from Esri. Probably could use some updates, like removing the Grid 2 stuff and fixing anything that might have been broken by updates to the Grid 3 tooling.

Thnx Scott.

I got it working with a searchbar. Search up your city and get the closest nodes.

Test thru this link:

Keep in mind these are resources left, this means if you have 30 cores and 10 in use it’s showing 20

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Doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Could you try again?

Cool, you show a lot more information about the node now.
It works on Presearch and Chrome for me (did before too).
Just wanted to say it’s great to see my nodes. :slight_smile:
Although all nodes are hidden behind one (randomly chosen). There is just one node to see and click at my place.

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I just wonder if the locations of the nodes on the map are correct. It seems that the nodes are not in the correct location on the map.

Can you be more specific?
My nodes on one’s from a friend are at the right place.
Not the exact postal address though but maybe that’s a feature.

The location of the nodes are based on IP. This is never a 100%, but it gives an indication.

As far as I know ThreeFold has no GPS information, I doubt the exact address is also the way to go about. I think within a specific radius is a good idea. Some people here have more than 30 nodes at home.

Altough you’re right on the fact that if you we’re to host nodes you should partially expose your location in my opinion.

I think also @weynandkuijpers can give a explanation on this.

Just checked: also a lot of the locations are actually pretty close. I checked on a friends node.

What’s happening with the nodes being off, is that the location is based off geo location of the nodes public IP address, the accuracy variance will depend on the nodes connection type. In the case of my Farm which has a public block the locations is actually my isps hub for my city, which is about two blocks from me.

A node without a public address, will be subject to the location showing for whatever ip the grid sees the connection coming from, whitch depending on each isps level of nat may be pretty far away, a node running on my cellular network would likely locate hundreds of miles away in Dallas tx

I tried to find some examples. But atm for some reason i can only find ipv4 nodes on the map, the rest is not visible for me. I’m using chrome btw.

But if i look at ipv4 nodes. for example, I see node 629 on the map in pijnacker in the netherlands. But when i look this node up in the explorer, it says it is located in breda.

Moreover, I see there are also nodes on the map who are not online, for example node 704. This node is offline for already 3 months and 2 weeks.

For some reason the map is working now. But I cannot find my own node’s on the map for example, 855

It’s now showing only online nodes. @dylanv told me they wil add a status parameter to the graphql next update. Therefore now I had to find a workaround, and I’m still working on it.

About the location, it’s all information from the graphql, we had this problem earlier with the 3Node info app. A question: based on your nodes, Is the city location more accurate then currently on map?

The problem with assinging nodes to City’s that it’s const parameter. So for example every node in New York would be at the center of New York in 1 space.

Herefore is a workaround like spreading the nodes all over New York, but then your manipulating the location.

Altough this then maybe better then working on IP but it’s a difficult subject.

I would suggest: to get nodes location in a 1000m radius and place it random in there. Then we would have an accurate location for each one and not the exact one. Is this something that could be possible @dylanv what kind of info do we have?

Also then the thing @ParkerS is refereeing to is fixed. Indeed also my nodes show to there nearest big city where then the public’s are.

The city location is also not correct in the explorer, but that’s a different city 4km from my node. So the city location on the explorer is more accurate than the map since my node on the map is 75km away from the location where my node is based. The location of my node on the map is the location of my internet provider.

Or you make it so that when you click on a location, all nodes appear at this location. Is it also possible to make a function in it so that you can search by node id?

Sorry to ask, why would working with an IP address be a difficult subject? I have been “exploring” the grid and have used to see where nodes IP address is (not sure that it is based on).

According to this, I am here :rofl: :

But in all honesty, it is approx. 5km from my home… So not too bad. And I tdo think you would get some different locations over the large® cities.

I don’t mean a difficult subject, everything right now is based on IP locations on the map.

But as @liqearce points out his node: [quote=“liqearce, post:18, topic:3429”]
on the map is 75km away from the location

In this case it would be better to work with the city’s location.

@weynandkuijpers what city is showing your node?