TF Grid: Deploying Workloads

Hey TFolders and New Interneters,

The following is the basic steps to deploy workloads on the Threefold Grid.

For more information, refer to the Threefold documentation and the section Tutorials and Guides of the FAQ.

Threefold Grid: Deploying Workloads

The Prerequisite Steps

Here are the Prerequisite Steps before using the Threefold Play Grid:

  1. Add the Polkadot Substrate Extension to your browser
  2. Create an account (write down the mnemonics somewhere safe and offline)
  3. Go to TF Portal Grid and select the newly created account
  4. Fund the TF Portal account by using the TFChain-Stellar Bridge* and the Threefold Connect App (Android and iOS).
  5. Go to the Threefold Play Grid and start your deployment

How can I bridge TFT from Stellar chain to TF Chain and vice versa?

Go on the Threefold Portal, sign-in with your Polkadot extension account and then go in the section Twin if you aren’t there already. Click on Bridge TFT from Stellar to transfer TFT from Stellar to TF Chain.
Click on Bridge TFT to Stellar to transfer TFT from TF Chain to Stellar.

Note: If you are on Threefold Connect App, you can export your account to the Polkadot extension. Look at the section Move Farm from the TF app to the TF Portal (polkadot.js) in the Threefold Farming Guide Part 2.

TF Grid Deployment

1. Create a profile manager on

You can create a profile manager on Testnet, Devnet and Mainnet. On the Threefold Play Grid, select the Profile Manager button on the top right of the screen and then select Create Profile Manager. For the detailed steps, read this documentation. To generate SSH keys, read the next question.

2. Generate SSH keys on MAC, Linux or Windows

To generate SSH keys, you can use OpenSSH client for MAC, Linux or Windows. For Windows, it is also possible to use PuTTY client.

For the detailed steps, go to this link from Help Desk Geek.

3. Deploy a virtual machine (VM) on Threefold

Read this short documentation and you’ll soon be exploring the virtual machine world!

For more information, you can watch this video on how to install Wordpress and Discourse on the TF Grid in less than 15 minutes.

For a picture guide on how to deploy Wordpress with Caprover, read this here.