From Zero to Hero: Deploy Discourse (and Wordpress) in under 10 (+5) minutes

Another video (two in this case) on how to deploy things on the ThreeFold grid. I have seen a number of people asking how to deploy a website on the grid. This can be done in a number of different manners and I choose in this video to the the caprover platform to do it.

From their website: " CapRover is an extremely easy to use app/database deployment & web server manager for your NodeJS , Python , PHP , ASP.NET , Ruby , MySQL , MongoDB , Postgres , WordPress (and etc…) applications!"

This is a truly remarkable platform that allows you to plug into a large number of services and online (open source) applications. Here’s the video (with some of my hallmark typos and mistakes ;-). Have fun!

And then lastly I have to post another video as I did not do what @gosam asked me to do: deploy a Wordpress instance on the same caprover PAAS platform.


Excellent videos!

Once again, it’s amazing to see how simple it is to deploy on the Grid. As you stated, CapRover install on bare metal would be a big learning curve. Here we can have the security and ease of Threefold Grid and deploy CapRover within minutes.

I think the visuals are great. We can see well the screen and what is going on. The teachings and steps are clear.

I don’t know if it’s only on my side, but there is a hissing sound, especially louder on the 2nd video. It might have to do with the recording itself (e.g. sounds from the computer taken by the very close computer microphone). It could be possible to put an EQ on the audio and remove the high frequency noises for existing videos, but having an external microphone (USB or through an audio interface) can fix the issue at the source for future videos. Dynamic microphones would be optimal if there are a lot of noises around your place as it picks up a small sphere of sound.

I could give some mixing audio help/time on this if needed. It would be a pleasure.

From Zero to Hero capsules are amazing to show the community what we can do and you explain well what is being done. This series is so great. It’s these kinds of videos that will attract Grid utility and cultivation.



Thanks for you comment. I live in an area where there is a lot of construction work, which sometimes gets recorded. I am so used to it that I often not hear it anymore… Sorry.

Next time will make sure that I either use a better external mic, of filter.

Happy deploying!


Can you upload the 2nd video to youtube, we can understand there thanks to auto translation.

Are they not uploading to youtube? We need to show the project has an active youtube channel to the public. Its looks sketchy if its stagnant.

Actually I was going to upload it but even downloading a video on the traditional web is torture.

also as you said there is no youtube channel icon on threfold io website

Thank you for the Tutorials Weynand, much apprechiated.
Please list the “prerequisites” in order to do the same as you did in 10min…
I mean a list of all Links in your Video you need to set up/register before you can start to deploy Wordpress on caprover.
Many thanks,

Hi @pkgraz2. The prerequisites are simple:

  • polkadot substrate extension to the browser
  • get an account (write down the mnemonics -> safe and offline)
  • go to and click the just created account
  • fund the account -> bridge from stellar
  • go to and start!
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Thank you Weynand! I just deployed my first OwnCloud on our VCC Node 482 successfully.
Interestingly, it gave me a fat red error message at first attempt, but worked, after I changed the Admin User Name from “admin” to “adminpkvcc”.
I’ll try CapRover next…
Many thanks for your “cookbook”

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After deploying OwnCloud this morning, 12 hours later, everything is gone without a warning.
My wallet only had less than 10TFTs when I deployed OwnCloud, but deleting everything without a warning is definitely a NO-NO!!!
In addition, also my farms dont’s show up any more in my TF Chain portal, although both nodes are up and running…

I also reported via the TF Connect Support function that the QR code scanner within the TF Connect App is crap - this scanner doesn’t recognize the QR code to fill (transfer TFTs to) the Twin that created my farm nodes. (my built-in camera-scanner recognizes the QR-Code immediatly, so the problem is with the Wallet-QR-Code-Scanner).

Many thanks

Hi Peter, I personally have not had an empty wallet, so I have not seen this result. Let’s log this in this in the repo to make sure we check before we delete.

Please be mindful of the fact that the one polkadot account can operate on all the TF Chains. So please check if you have not created a farm on testnet and are now checking on mainnnet.

The testnet portal is on and the mainnet portal is on Please let me know if this helps.

This one is a long and much debated issue. It’s being worked on as the QR code produced is not clear enough and does not work with all cameras in phones.

Hi Weynand, the code is immediately recognized with the scanner within my camera app, but the scanner in the TF Connect Wallet does not recognize the QR code at all… Same camera, same phone - so the issue is most likely with the TF connect app…

Hi Peter,

Please see this issue The solution seems to be to change the background color to make it always work. It should be deployed in mainnet and testnet,

Thanks Weynand, I can confirm - it works with a light background. I just dropped my comment to the Github issue. I simply cut out the QR code with a screenshot app (Snip & Sketch, std in Win10) and then the TF Connect app scanner recognized the QR code.
Thanks for the update