Scheduling next Community Call: Building (and Monetizing) Weblets

Hi everyone!

The next Community Call is going to take place on Thursday November 24th. This call will be focused on how to build (and monetize) Weblets. As usual, we will leave it to a vote to find the best time for everyone to gather.

A few options (CET) are laid out below, please vote for the time(s) that would suit you best (multiple choices possible).

  • 15:00 - 16:00
  • 16:00 - 17:00
  • 17:00 - 18:00
  • 18:00 - 19:00

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Note: EDT is 5 hours behind CET, PDT is 8 hours behind CET.

The 1-day voting period will begin today, Thursday November 17th at 13:00 CET, and end tomorrow, Friday November 18th at 12:00 CET. The time option with the most votes will be announced within a forum post containing more details about the call.

Talk to you soon ThreeFolders!

This call is part of a series of detailed calls in which we aim to go deeper into different specific areas of the ThreeFold project. The recordings of the last calls may be found here: General Updates; Grid Utilization; Mastodon. The following editions will be announced in due time, so stay posted!


Hi ThreeFold Community Call Team,
I like to propose a topic for one of the future calls: “TF grid Pricing and Billing”
This may be of interest to the entire community as well.
Best regards,


Hi @Pepo!
Thanks for your suggestion, we will add it to the list of topics we would like to discuss in upcoming community calls. Let us know if you would like to moderate the conversation as well!
Kind regards,

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hey folks, concerning the fediverse/mastodon community call, thinking here that it would be nice to have a community call around the swooth of differences between commonship & ownership wealth and how TF grid can relate to both, once the former is about the cosmo-local or glocal P2P opensource economy ( where the fediverse is one of it´s manifestation) and the former to this more recent smart contract protocols driven web3 dapp economy … but of course its just an suggestion once the focus clearly is to ride “twitter to mastodon” migration wave !

anyhow I leave you guys with the very first oocast experience ( ootopia´s regen podcasting experience) called translocal horizons that myself and @florianfournier had the pleasure to make with Michel Bauwens / P2P Foundation and Tiberius Brastaviceanu / Sensorica in october of 2020 ! enjoy :blush:


Hi @glocalvr I totally agree with this brother, as we’ve discussed in other places. We’ll make it happen soon! :pray: Taking a listen to this podcast as well.

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