Farming Community Call

Hi ThreeFolders!

We have a new Community Call coming up! This time, we will be focusing on Farming. Scott will be our host and will be guiding us through everything farming-related, including:

  • Giving a brief update on the power-saving feature
  • Reviewing and asking input on proposals to reward farmers from utilization fees
  • Discussing benchmarking and capacity verification, and what this will mean for farmers

Call Details
When: Thursday December 8th, 18:00 - 19:00 CET (12:00 - 13:00 ET)
Where: Community Call Zoom Link

If you have any burning questions or topics you would like to be covered, please reply to this post with them by Wednesday 7th, 9:00 CET (3:00 ET), and we will try to address them during the call!

For anyone unable to join live, the call will be recorded and shared one or two days following the call.

We hope to see you there!

This call is part of a series of detailed calls in which we aim to go deeper into different specific areas of the ThreeFold project. The recordings of the last calls may be found here: General Updates; Grid Utilization; Mastodon; Weblets. The following editions will be announced in due time, so stay posted!

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Excellent! This looks like a promising call.

Question: Will the 3nodes registered before the benchmarking implementation be subjected to the benchmarking?

Proposal concerning the farming reward based on utilization:
Utilization rewards should be set in a way as to incite farmers to bring high-quality hardware to the TF Grid. It should also take into account the additional cost of electricity (and perhaps bandwidth).

Rationale: High-quality hardware is more expensive, but is also more interesting for potential users with specific, high-end needs. A better “offer” might lead to a higher “demand”.

Thanks @victoriaobee for the post and thanks @scott for hosting the call!

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Sounds like a good topic to discuss.

Question: As Farmer we need to make investments to reach a certain level of service. What guarantees can / will give threefold to farmers on the return on the investment? (and is differentiation in that guarantee desirable per “level” of farming)

Note: I think it would make sense to go for 3 tiers, and not all the boosters etc. From a grid user perspective you want to to have a couple of simple options in order to get to a working machine which fits your project. Test project -> usually no high performance and uptime desires, production workload -> high performance and uptime requirements…


Question(s) from the Telegram Channel:

Is it really out of the question to not have WOL checkups between 10pm and 7am? (Nelson)

Is there a possibility that the WOL feature boots several 3nodes of the same farm at the same time? (This could, for example, cause problems for a given electric circuit.) (Nelson)

Does the older hardware provide any usable value to a customer wanting to purchase a service or vm or whatever else can be done on the grid? if it is backed with good network and stable power grid and backups. (Daren Donszelmann)

Would it make sense to have customers pay more TFT for better hardware and less TFT for older hardware? (Daren Donszelmann)

Have we done any digging into why zOS is having the issue of zOS downloading, not reaching 100%, and then needing one or more reboots before booting properly to 100% ? (Michael, tf_michael)

Could the issue stated in the previous question generate problems with the WOL feature? (Michael, tf_michael)

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Question 1:
will it be possible to choose the node which wakes all the other nodes in WOL mode? i assume its the node which is running?

Questions 2:
By now a farmer would be happy if no workload happen on his farm because he is getting less energy costs… So is there a mechanism planned to handle workloads in any way with the result that a farmer would do anything to have a good reachable, trusty and SLA99% running farm? Right now a farmer just needs much ram, many vcores and bad connectivity and bad ssd or hdd to ensure no workload happens to get many tokens and pay less energy cost


Thanks for posting this announcement, @victoriaobee, and thanks for the questions so far. Keep em coming! :slight_smile:


Question 3:

Cause utilization is the most important thing. Also in chats.
Is there a concept of getting more awareness out there. And if so helping them dive into very easily?
I think its not enough to just build the tool and the manual.
Without advertising it wont work i think. Hard facts how cheap it is in comparison fo azure and co… Advertising on the right channels. Right advertising isn’t something bad.

Also actively talking to it nerds with yt channels maybe
Maybe hiring some advertising experts.
Maybe asking for hints from other opensource project’s how they got awareness.

And about manual i think the manual. As we have it isnt enought. It has just enought to get it done if you ask also in chat and forum for help.

I think we need something like or similar. Where it is structured and also with many howto’s.

Right now i feel a little lost in the manual, not by lack of informations but by searching the right content. Often i dont find the information i already had before xD…

But yeah beside this feedback you all made it awesome its a big project and i love it. Keep going!!