Pokt.network POC on TFGrid


The last 2 weeks we have been working on a solution to support pokt.network.

The big issue with supporting blockchain workloads is the requirement for a lot of bandwidth (especially during start) and fast storage. We have been experimenting with our quantum safe storage system to see how we can mitigate that.

We found something absolutely amazing.

Normally to deploy something like pokt.network validator + some chains takes some days for a good systems guy, not something most people are willing to do (if not weeks).

We brought it back to < 30 min (-: and almost no knowledge needed.

We need to implement some new features to make it production ready by this could change the game of how to host blockchains.


  • deployment & startup time: at least 20x faster
  • storage needed: 2-10x less
  • bandwidth needed: 2-10x less


This obviously has impact on cost to host such a solution.

stay tuned, we are excited.

PS pokt.network has 20k nodes, imagine the potential


I have always seen the power of creating application images that are not installed locally and boot in a smart way over the network. The amount of admin work required (even though in most cases automated) is a lot less. This sounds amazing and if non-system admins can now participate and have pokt.network nodes -> passive income generators are for everyone!


also imagine the potential with other blockchain nodes we would like to support .

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Amazing! Iā€™m excited to learn more :eyes:

Any update on this one, @kristof?