A formula for community-led outreach at scale

Recently I shared a post about how Anybody can get the word out about ThreeFold. I wanted to follow it up with a simple formula that anybody can use to spread the word organically outside of the community.


  1. Identify a topic related to ThreeFold
  2. Identify a target audience or community
  3. Get active with that community in an organic way
  4. Find existing ThreeFold content or create new content about that topic
  5. Share about ThreeFold with that community in an organic way

Example 1: Planet-Positive Internet

  1. The topic is planet-positive Internet
  2. The target audience is sustainable communities, there are a few of them on Reddit
  3. Start upvoting posts and leaving comments unrelated to ThreeFold on those subreddits
  4. The existing content is ThreeFold on track to be Planet-Positive
  5. The post is in the r/sustainability community posing the question about if the sustainability space is paying enough attention to the environmental impact of the Internet and asking the community if they’d be willing to offer their feedback on our planet-positive initiatives

Example 2: CapRover on ThreeFold

  1. The topic is that CapRover can easily be deployed on the TF Grid
  2. The target audience is the CapRover community, they have a Slack channel
  3. Enter the community, say hi, express my support for the project, engaging a bit
  4. The existing content is Caprover = your app environment
  5. The post is letting people in the CapRover Slack channel know that they can deploy CapRover on top of the TF Grid with all the benefits of decentralization

Example 3: Pokt.Network POC

  1. The topic is that ThreeFold is building a solution to support the Pocket Network
  2. The target audience is people deploying nodes on the Pocket Network, there are people talking about this on Twitter
  3. Reply to someone talking about deploying a node on Pocket Network with some gentle words of support
  4. The existing content is Pokt.network POC on TFGrid
  5. Follow up to the first reply letting them know they might be interested in checking out the POC we are working on which makes it faster and more efficient to deploy a node

This is just scratching the surface. These are all just three examples of things I am in the process of doing, today. Also planning on seeking out communities using WordPress since it’s now possible to deploy WordPress super easily on top of the grid. Another example would be talking about farming with mining communities.

We all have our own roles and interests within the ThreeFold ecosystem – and our own levels of expertise about different topics. Imagine if we all did some of these things, how much the word could really start to get out about ThreeFold in a truly organic and community-led way!

So, what are we waiting for?! Please share our experiences below.

Edit: I really want to stress the organic element, not taking shortcuts, and being aware that many communities don’t love to be promoted to.


Indeed Sam, thanks for sharing, everyone should be able to share about how easy it is to deploy workloads on the Grid now. Let’s do it!