[GEP] Expanded Solution Provider Model [Closed]

[GEP] Expanded Solutions Provider Model

      An area of opportunity for the project is the on-boarding and documentation related to “Solutions Providers” this is a topic that I think should be discussed on tomorrows call, but I will not be able to attend due to being on duty at that time, So I am going to draft my contribution to the conversation in this format in hopes that it can productively add to the conversation without my presence.

      I truly believe our greatest opportunity to drive utilization at this stage, lies in having a well-documented and easily adoptable blue print for any Developer, Individual, or Business to readily create solutions that utilize the grids capacity, and be rewarded for the work that creates that demand. I believe we have the substrate tools and necessary knowledge base here to implement a system that includes the following features.

  • It is my understanding the Images uploaded to the Threefold Hub are owned by the digital twin associated with the Threefold Connect identity in the same way that wallets are. As a functional comparison this makes them work similar to NFT where the developer owns that specific code on the Threefold Grid. I think this provides great avenues to reward contributors to the grid at three different levels.

    • Code Solutions Providers: These are people that create technologies that run on the grid and provide solely software side of the solution. They would farm TFT when someone deploys the image that is tied to their Digital Twin and would receive XX% of the utilization cost of deploying the workload

    • Network Solution Providers: This is a very early concept in my plan, but these would be businesses/organizations focused on providing bandwidth/routing and Public IPv4/IPv6 space on the grid that is used to provide access to other workloads. I don’t think this is worth spending call time on right now but for documentation sake this my concept for a reward model for people setting up things like. These providers would ultimately receive the utilization and any farming tokens related to the capacity and use of their bandwidth in conjunction with workloads the same way a farmer would receive those rewards with a native public ipv4/ipv6 address

    • Complete Solution Providers: These would be organizations like Green Edge that have made the commitment to not only building software that creates grid workloads, but also have built their own infrastructure on the grid to support that software while providing massive capacity to everyone else using it. These Providers would receive the highest amount of utilization reward and receive XX% of the utilization tokens.

      • This reward level is important for attracting brick and mortar data centers to onboard their dc to the Grid and use zero-os as their hypervisor environment. If a DC is able to bring their nodes online on the grid and receive a significant portion of the usage token it makes the utilizations tokens that are burned or not farmed, the equivalent of their current licensing cost for their current hypervisor environment and allows them to maintain taking payments for their deployed solutions with the current fiat system and continue to provide the same images by hosting them on the HUB.

In my typical fashion I’m contributing this idea without any thoughts on specific farming values because well id rather talk about the ideas then percentages and dollars. I think implementing a framework that provides a clear reward structure to providing these services to the grid is the first step that needs to be taken, followed by clear published documentation and how-to’s on the solutions provider model. I am willing to commit to creating the explanations and how to’s on the Solution Provider model once I’m sure I’ve fully understood the substrate information.

      With a Fully Featured and Documented Solutions provider model we will be able to start attracting developer talent to threefold to build tools that enable the grid to be formed into user facing software, that can come with its own hardware. imagine a cad software provider being able to offer

"If your local machine doesn’t have the compute power to run this software, Click Here to deploy this software on the Threefold Grid"

This allows any software maker anywhere to design their software so that it can be containerized and deployed on the Threefold Grid and then offer the services of a worldwide hosting network for their tool, without any initial investment in that infrastructure.

I hope this thread ultimately contributes to the utilization call tomorrow.