Farming Reward Calculation

Farming Reward Calculation

Download the Farming Reward Simulator for Farming 3.0 here.
(best to use onlyoffice, but should work in other office solutions too).

Is our single source of truth.

Please check the sheet in all detail


  • much more easy to use
  • updates done in relation to 3.0.0 upcoming farming model


  • please help us check this calculator and give us feedback
  • a web version is almost ready and will be released soon


  • the reward is about 40-50 USD per month for a machine of 1200-1400 USD without upside of
    • TFT price going up
    • people using capacity (cultivation, can be a lot)
    • income because of network utilization
  • this is without income of cultivation, bandwidth, …


simulation done with TFT 0.05 -> 1, utilization, basic network utilisation

please make your own simulation, this is just an example calculation, no promise whatsoever

ps we’re waiting for our web-guys to update the wiki, hope will be done asap
the numbers on the wiki are not in line with the updated TFT/USD price

see also Farming Feedback