Farming Feedback

Farming reward is being described on

suggested clarifications / improvements

  • explain TFT farming reward is locked in at point of registration of a 3node
    • even if a 3node has been bought a while before delivery, still the time of registration on the tfchain is the defining factor for the farming reward calculation, that price will be registered in the blockchain and linked to that node
    • exception is for a certified node, when a certified node is bought the farming reward is the maximum between what has been promised when the node is purchased vs the farming reward when the node is registered on the blockchain
  • explain 3node capacity gets registered on the TFChain 3.0 (blockchain)
  • explain a pricing oracle provides the price for TFT/USD pair and is used for defining how much TFT the reward will be
  • explain more clearly how exactly the calculation is done and how a blockchain can do it without human intervention
  • explain when human intervention could be needed an in which circumstances
  • make a link in how we try to guarantee that people cannot fake or manipulate minting, see here

pricing reward calculations

see this post: Farming Reward Calculation

minting / farming rule validation

see this post: Can a farmer manipulate the farming rules?


please reply on this post with any suggestions you might have about the wiki page as well as above suggested improvements

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the wiki has not been updated yet in line with above
planned for sunday