Community Established OTC

ThreeFold Community-Driven OTC


We are planning to expand the secondary market accessibility of TFTs beyond exchanges by releasing tools and a wiki section to support community-established OTC’s “Over the Counter” services.

We have seen many examples of community-driven secondary markets and one project in particular Pocket.Network does it quite well, if you want to read more about how they do it, please click this link

In summary, using several community-driven telegram channels, bots, and escrow services the community was able to support millions of dollars of transactions on the Pocket.Network prior to being listed.

We wanted to get your feedback and thoughts on this service, is it something you would like to see on the TF Grid? Do you have any suggestions?

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I love it :heart: The only question is, which brave community member is going to step up to be the first community OTC trader?


I would love to do this if it helps the community. Sign me up!