Zero-OS - Network settings

Hi guys.
During the installation of Zero OS I found out the requirement to have 2 separate IPs on my node with different MAC addresses which ideally should be put behind the NATed private network.
My post is not intended to be a complain, but I do want to raise the question. Does it go alongside with idea of TF grid, when every person can connect his server and provide the capacity to the TF grid?
Such network requirements imply good enough knowledge of network architecture. The average user has to have the skill to set up NAT over the home/company router. I have seen the news about negotiations with “conscious community”, about “Each home and business property would have its own node or nodes” do not think that owners of home-based nodes would easily setup such network.


Hello Andrey
Well, while designing the system we took into considerations 2 scenarios for network setup (and user knowledge)

  • Experienced users (sysadmins) witch are welling to host and operate big number of nodes.
  • Users with less experience which are welling to host one or few number of nodes.

We leave the discussion about the big farms for another time. But for smaller farms (home farms) or inexperienced users, it’s very simple. You just plug your node to your home network (over eth cable) and let your router hand them IPs.

Once the node node boots, it will wait for dhcp to hand private Ipv4 (actually 2 of them). The node also will try and wait for public IPv6 (also handed over by your router) so the node will get up online with no user intervention from the user.

In a more advanced setup, the node can also be configured to have a public ipv4 address but this is done using the jsng shell (or the 3bot farm mgmt UI) you only need this if u wanna your node to be used as an access point for user networks (optional).

I hope this answers your question