With the trends such as DeFi , NFTs, DEXes , can ThreeFold start the trend of DeIn (Decentralized Internet)

Your project is just amazing and i really believe into the values you are putting into the Tech landscape , since Hypes create some trends in the blockchain space and you are much need of that (no hype but people to know you guys ) , since hardly the community knows about this hidden gem

That being said can i suggest you guys to start sharing the tag with name ; Decentralized Internet (DeIn) , since when people visit you on coinmarketcap and see the project tags , its just filesharing and Distributed Computing , i believe this project is truly much more than that.

I do not believe in hypes in the blockchain space but you have to carry a trend and since you guys being the first (even the pioneers) in the Decentralized Internet space , you need to carry this tag with you , so people can know more about you and thus the marketing happens.

Cheers and Best of luck to this amazing project!!


Much appreciated @futureNet :wink:
Indeed we have been working very hard in the backstage creating full setup for people to go completely peer-to-peer, from infrastructure base (the Grid) till first solutions running on top (ThreeFold Marketplace), and of course growing community of Alliance for a Conscious Internet.
We are coming out with upgraded web presence next week that will introduce with ThreeFold movement inviting anyone to partake in this shift to full decentralisation of the Internet.
Please keep an eye on

and we will surely start actively using your suggested tag #DeIn #decentralizedinternet

Appreciate your feedback and we welcome you to ThreeFold movement! :slight_smile:

With love, and much more to come,


Thanks @kristine .

Also one suggestion , many projects are relying on marketing through youtube influencers , can ThreeFold also capture some noise through them , since i feel like you are focused so much more on the solution , that you may forget how to market the token , i also understand the grid will drive the token adoption but that process shall take a lot of time , you need to further enhance the token growth and marketing , since their is a huge market of people ready to throw their money on shit projects , but what about a project like yours which really delivers something , i guess throw more money into it for it to succeed!!! :slight_smile:

@futureNet I love the DeIn hashtag!
Part of our team is currently working on a marketing plan for the token.
Iā€™m not sure (yet) if influencers are a big part of this, we have in the past made use of some.
You can see our Founder @kristof talk to Ivan here: https://youtu.be/BSZbF7eOp_s

I will make sure to pass your hastag/idea for a new movement on to the rest of the marketing team.
Have a great week ahead!

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