Who wants to help finalize specs for TFGrid v4.0

We are working on our Internet of Internets model (which we will call TFGrid 4.0) which is basically a more decentralized and more scalable ThreeFold with regional internet concept, integrated liquidity pools, local farming reward tokens (will be called CHI), local validators, …

We want to finish the specifications for it and integrate all info and feedback given on this forum

some of the specs to work on:

  • farming reward needs serious update (using all the info which has been gathered on this forum)
  • more features for anti-fraud & abuse
  • choice of money blockchain (do we stay on stellar, or add one, or move to cosmos, or move to Algorand…), gather more feedback from community
  • more DAO specifications, choice of DAO platform (blockchain)
  • communication between regional internet and the main chain (TF Hub): inter blockchain
  • specs for a better user interface (easier to use, more integrated, …)
  • easier onboarding tools

Who like to be actively involved in this? We will organize multiple small groups to work on sub items.


  • you have time to work on it (-:
  • you are technical and know TF already well
  • you are not afraid of creating specifications and know and are ok working with github
  • you are ok doing regular meetings on zoom
  • you already know how to deploy something on TFGrid as well how farming works


  • 90% of tech has been developed for this major release, the remainder is around DAO, Blockchain, Farming Rewards, Automatic Minting, …
  • we have a TFT budget for this as reward


  • will be an e-book (markdown using mdbook tool) which serve as reference for everyone to fully understand how TFGrid 4.0 will work as well base for specifications of our engineers

This project looks very interesting and useful for Threefold.

I would like to help in any way I can.

We could perhaps see in this thread who’s interested and then have a zoom meeting to settle the next steps and distribute tasks, in small groups to work on sub items as you proposed.

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I unfortunately don’t have much of the time “time to work on it” requirement but would like to be in the loop.


that sounds great, lets wait for some more people

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@level64 is this something you’d be interested in? Based on our call from last week, I thought of you.

I would love to help anyway possible as well.

I would love to be involved as well.

I’ll be onboard for sure, but it would be great to see some more community involvement here :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in contributing

I’d be interested in contributing in fair farming.

Would like to be involved too. I don’t have specific Threefold knowledge yet on how to deploy VMs etc, but I do on other platforms. Have a background managing IT projects so who knows how I can contribute.

Also, as Teis states, would like to be involved to see we stay on ‘fair’ farming and especially what that ‘fair’ then entails. Further, got some ideas on anti-cheating measures etc.

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