Which wallets are recommended for TFT farming rewards?

This is a discussion for preferred advice and wallets to use for your TFT farming/hodl rewards.

Is https://solarwallet.io/ a good option for farming rewards?

Sure, any wallet connected to the Stellar network is fine. A few of them are explained here. The wallet in the ThreeFold Connect app gives the benefit of QR code compatibility for all elements of a payment, as well as avoiding the hassle of setting up trustlines. Exchanging with other assets is not yet included, buy TFT with BTC is in the pipe and will be released once the latest issues are solved (a little bit of patience for that please, we prefer a fully working system a bit later than foreseen over the - even small - risk that you loose your assets).

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It’s also possible to secure TFT with a Ledger/Trezor hardware wallet. This took me a while to figure out with a Ledger, as their app only supports XLM, not other Stellar assets. StellarTerm provides a nice way to connect a hardware wallet and add the necessary trust line.

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How can you secure TFT with Ledger wallet?! Their app only supports XLM.

Try StellarTerm. Use the Ledger to sign in, add TFT as an asset, then send TFT to the Stellar address. You can find a guide in this post.

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I would also add that stellarx is very easy to use and straightforward. Here is the link: https://www.stellarx.com

The network fees are paid by stellarx!