Which SSD and uptime

I almost feel sorry to ask, since so much has been written about it. But it seems that the answer to my questions may have changed as time went by. So to avoid me spending unnecessary funds with no benefit to the grid whatsoever;

  1. i just purchased another r620. Whohoo. In the one that is currently test running in my house i build in 2 2TB PCIe SSD’s in the back slots. The person i purchased the new server from is running a Zos node as well, but tried to convince me it’s much cheaper to use conventional SSD in the front bays, since it’s about storage capacity and not speed. However, i read other posts where some of you suggest to get the fastest (for instance Samsung 7000 mb/s) for better return in investment. Which one is true these days?

  2. as mentioned above, I’m currently running a test server that I occasionally mess around with, with a new smaller USB stick and BIOS settings. That means it’s offline from time to time until i bring it to a datacenter a couple of weeks from now. Do i understand correctly that it is pointless leaving it on for less than 99% per month since this would be penalised with no TFT at all?

There is almost price parity between a standard 2.5” SSD and an Nvme, I noticed today, shopping for drives for, so it happens, some r620’s as well. The pci adapters and just their just slightly higher cost make them not quite even, but I’m thinking nvme is the way to go, so “my customers” have a better experience, and I am also prepared if some form of drive performance metric is implemented that effects payout.

Not an answer on #1, just my observation today when looking at the same dilemma.

Very curious on #2 and how downtime is punished, as I am getting a batch ready to send in to my rack at a data center.


@longstreet Thanks for your addition. Meanwhile I had some feedback though Telegram. It this point in time indeed it doesn’t matter which type of SSD you use. But it may become a matter in the future when speed is rewarded. Indeed prices aren’t that much different I noticed, maybe around 180-200 euro per server. Therefore I decided on m.2.

As for the downtime; sort of same answer. At this point in time all uptime is rewarded, downtime not penalized. Yet. So…that gives me some time to prepare a couple of nodes and drop them in a DC.

I hope the information I received is correct.

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Thank you for the update!

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Sounds correct, as of now their isn’t a reward difference between a 2.5 sata ssd and a pcie nvme drive.

But, there is some differences for you

Nvme will leave you more drive slots for sas drives whitch can give you a lot storage for cheap

Nvme typically takes less configuration

I try to make my hardware decisions more based on what I would want to be in a node that I was going to rent. Because of the current state of the project there isn’t a huge difference now, but buying nicer hardware now definitely may be of benefit in the future when you start needing to market your nodes to potential renters.