When will the marketing start?

2 weeks before the IEO and we have zero marketing?

Hi Wim –

We are working through / finalizing:

  • launch of a shareable widget
  • launch of the the new p2p cloud site + SDK
  • Product Hunt launch for p2p cloud site + SDK
  • partner collaborations / announcements
  • a promotional plan with Liquid Exchange
  • press / media coverage
  • influencer / micro-influencer announcements

We’ll be rolling elements out this week and next week and through launch.


12 days before launch clock is ticking…

normally next monday but we are still debating some elements of the tokenomics, we need to become clear otherwise we cant go

Threefold has provided all the needed feedback so I don’t see any reason why the marketing cannot start.

I think tokenomics matter indeed. But if we are clear on what we want to do, the actual implementation can still wait I think.

I mean, lots of projects have launched in the past without having anything tangible! But you do need a good story and hey, we already have something to show right? Creating liquidity in the token means poking interest from people on the exchanges (investors but also smaller crypto adepts).
So in my view, we need the story to be attractive and we don’t need to have everything in place yet, that is impossible but no one will complain.

You actually have to look at it as someone that has never heard of the project, and has no prior info on how long it has been worked on or whatever promises have been made regarding launch in the past.
He will see a great idea, right in the middle of this pandemic where the importance of a reliable internet has become plainly obvious, and it is not just an idea he can buy into, but there really IS an existing and almost test-ready implementation, bigger than any existing similar project!

Such investors are more likely to buy tokens BEFORE the grid is finished, because that is what he feels as the moment he can do the best deal, when everything is 100% ready and running, he will feel that he is too late to the party.
That is one of the reasons we invested early on, no? (apart from being good-hearted of course…)

So I would say, let the technology not get in the way of the marketing effort…


Oh, and if I can make 1 remark, as much as I do support the idea of the “doing good” part of the project, please don’t let communication be overwhelmed by it, because I am sure it scares a lot of investors away, really!
I think it is better to DO it, without mentioning it too much in our marketing…
And of course, the listing on Liquid is currently THE most important thing to do, and have Liquid promote the token to it’s users…

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The marketing team should start making noise to the outside! External People should know threefold exists what now is not the case @strategy @maximilianrang @gosam. Great technology is created, starting tomorrow we will have demos every day but no one knows about it besides the threefold community… let’s go outside let the community know where we can help…

Yes. Been scheduled for each day of the week starting tomorrow.

Any press releases coming? @gosam @kristof

I very much agree with that. The message becomes too confusing when the philosophy about the ‘why’ is constantly intertwined with the business message (what and how).

TF has aligned noble targets with a service that is a business need. So if the business runs well, the noble targets will be achieved automatically. So don’t (over) focus on the doing good part, as that will take care of itself if the model works. Reserve the doing good explanation for people who really want to know, but don’t base your entire ‘raison d’être’ on it.

Many stake-holders also just want to make money. Yes, without blowing up the planet, but money nonetheless.


Quoting some Simon Sinek I see.


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Some points you should add to your marketing as topic

Main message
Distributed low cost edge cloud! Extremely power and cooling efficient! Distributed management pane with the sdk! Limitless scale! For any containerised workload.

Use cases Iot, machine learning, content distribution at the edge (wan optimisation like). Distributed s3 storage with geo fault tolerance (multiple locations can fail without dataloss. Distributed managed kubernetes to run any containerised application.

What do you think @kristof?

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This was on the launch agenda for this week. All the demo video’s are currently again only for internal use, so they won’t help in the marketing story, but THIS IS:

Reach Out Activities

** Online interview with high-profile blockchain & crypto expert about running use case on TF Grid*

** Show world how to bring a node live for a known blockchain*

** Liquid exchange will reach out to their community about TFT. Liquid is one of the most reputable and biggest global exchanges with 50m+ in daily transactions.*

What is the status on those points? I firmly believe we need to do the marketing NOW, REGARDLESS the status of the current technological issues, they will get resolved.
Let’s put on our boots and get into the field!
@gosam @maximilianrang


Thanks @TFFarmer. Both of these are firm, 100%.

Re: the online interview, the only question is timing and we are in touch with him and his team to make sure we have the optimal timing based on his content schedule and his audience.

Liquid will begin their support to their community as well regarding our listing there, via several different channels.

Additionally, we’ll send out a press release this week, and will begin collaborative partner announcements.

Hi @Georges we will deliver a press release this week, and more to come.

Looking forward to it!

Would like concrete dates though.

Are the ones in the Google doc 100%?

Can you give me details on the Liquid actions, including the dates they will happen, when the launch is planned etc
This is all so vague, we need some real tangible info and not “we are in touch with him, we are waiting for, we are looking into…”
You didn’t start working on this last week, right?