Vesting Mechanism

It is now one year since the vesting program started.
The TFT price used to release the vested tokens is calculated by the pricing oracle. The pricing orcale uses the average price over the last month as pulled from multiple decentralized exchanges who have a public api to do so. We DO NOT use the price as shown on one single exchange or other pricing venues such as: Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc.

  1. In order to unlock TFTs how long does the TFToken price need to be 0,1 $ or above?
  2. Where can a public table for the monthly average price be found ?
  3. If vested TFTokens unlock, is there a manual intervention from the token holder required or will the unlocked token automatically be transferred to the tokenholders wallet?

Hello Otto,

  1. it is supposed to be an average for the calendar month
  2. You can see publicly available data here:, for the oracle logic there may be some slight differences, but coingecko provides reliable data.
  3. Yes, it will require manual action from the token holder, but the procedure is not yet implemented on the UI level in TF Connect Wallet (right now only on manual level for techies), but we will make an announcement when this feature is added to the TF Connect Wallet

Dear all,

Fully agree, there needs to be an UI to make it easy for people to unvest.

we will try to put this in our A7 release, which is planned for May 2022

will be working this weekend on providing polls to get feedback which features need to come in our product first.



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