Using farm TFT to become a L0 validator or L2 validator

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is feasible to implement a way to give farmer who want to become a L0 or L2 validator an option to use a portion of their farm tft to become a validator? There will be a lock timeline for them to reach the required amount needed to become a validator.


This suggestion has come to us via a number of (different) ways. I like the idea a lot. Please bear in mind that token vesting has been voluntary to date. So as a current farmer you can put your farmed token into a L0 of L2 pool. I am sure there will be L2’s and maybe even L0’s that need topping up to get to maximum staking.

I’ll be glad if i could become a L0 validator via staking tokens, it would take some time for me to get 100k of tokens but i would do so. It would be lovely if there will be such a oportunity

Can we still apply to become L0 Validators?