Urgency to build out GPU marketplace!

The demand for GPU renting is EXPLODING. Many marketplaces are coming out, such as runpod and vast.ai. These 2 marketplaces are fiat only and require very large GPU owners in DC’s to contribute. However, clore.ai allows payment in crypto and allows individuals to host GPUs.

We HAVE this tech and we can have a limitless amount of utilization added fast which just a few tweaks! Namely, all of these sites allow you to select the model of GPU. We also need the drivers installed with the deployment is possible, maybe be can have an image that is primed for GPU in the VM page?

This is also a prime example of something specific where marketing can benefit us. We really don’t even have to pay for this, just a few well placed comments, tweets, and messages on certain projects that need these services.

Drop what you’re doing and LFG!

P.S. Buying 2 more 4090’s tonight. Don’t make me put them on Clore.

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Oh, we can already view the GPU model. So…uh…carry on.

Theres also a lot of info that will be shown on the dashboard in an upcoming release concerning the nodes

Also I made an issue with youe idea of having the driver installed. As a solution/weblet or flist

Driver installation is crucial. We already talked on the chat, @Mik it can be quite challenging to complete the nvidia driver installation under Ubuntu.
Having all that with the deployment would be a huge benefit.

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For nvidia, I found the process way easier, compared to AMD. Here are the steps: Nvidia GPU on Ubuntu 22.04. Maybe it can help in the meantime.

Let’s see how the devs work with this issue. It’s here on GH btw: https://github.com/threefoldtech/tfgrid-sdk-ts/issues/2542

The NVIDIA drivers were really a non issue.

I’ve had some more clarity since posting this. Positioning ourselves as a rival to Clore and TF collecting a % that goes to the Foundation with the additional fees is really all that needs to be done. The dev work is mostly already there.

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No matter how easy the installation is, a deployment where everything works out of the box is at least a plus in comfort.

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Can you expand on this? Seems like a wonderful idea to be developed.

On which part? For the fee part, currently TF doesn’t benefit any on the additional fee. 100% goes to the farmer. A certain % should be diverted to TF or burned.

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Will add in 3.14 suggestion

ok fam. Tried out Clore for a couple days. You thought we had UI issues? Well! 2 days in and my GPU never showed up in the marketplace and it routinely says my GPU crashed even though all is good. One really neat thing they have is the ability to mine while not rented. I realize that isn’t going to be possible with us. So, I will be bringing it back to TF soon.

I am confident we can recruit a lot of GPUs to the network and then have them rented out. I’ll ponder this over.

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Nice! We could make a community call on this. We could brainstorm how to work that out.

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