Nvidia GPU on Ubuntu 22.04

Nvidia GPU on Ubuntu 22.04

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We show the steps to install the Nvidia driver of a GPU card on either bare metal or full VM Ubuntu 22.04.


You need to reserve a dedicated GPU node on the ThreeFold Grid.

Prepare the System

  • Update the system
    dpkg --add-architecture i386
    apt-get update
    apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Check the GPU info
    lspci | grep VGA
    lshw -c video

Install the GPU Driver

  • Download the latest Nvidia driver
    • Check which driver is recommended
      apt install ubuntu-drivers-common
      ubuntu-drivers devices
    • Install the recommended driver (e.g. with 535)
      apt install nvidia-driver-535
    • Reboot
  • Check the GPU status

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions, you can ask the ThreeFold community for help on the ThreeFold Forum or on the ThreeFold Farmers Chat on Telegram.

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