Token value and how do we compete with others

Why would people invest in our token? Just want to get the discussion going and how others would convince people to onboard…

  • I would say the token represents cloud capacity in an grid and so is equal to the value of this grid in the form of commercial capacity…
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I agree @wimvdb!

When I visualize TFT’s value and usability - I usually compare it to an iCloud subscription where you’d pay around $1-5 for 50GB of cloud storage

However, ThreeFolds massive difference is that our cloud storage would be cheaper, secure and free in the sense that there would be no centralized body with any oversight over our stored data! :heart_eyes:

It’s also a more sustainable cloud grid since it’s decentralized and can also leverage renewable energy for its own energy consumption and therefore have a completely carbon neutral internet! :grin:

As for investing in TFT, it’s an impactful investment when it’s viewed in the context that it fuels a sustainable internet grid that promotes freedom, equality and sustainability! :deciduous_tree::peace_symbol: